Thursday, March 7, 2013

CB14 thinks kayaking will bring tourists

From the Queens Courier:

Community Board 14 Chair Dolores Orr said the Parks Department had presented the board’s park committee with rough plans for kayak launching bays in Rockaway, along with concession stands throughout areas that are part of Gateway National Park.

Orr said the community desperately needed the project even before Sandy, as it would bring more tourism and revenue to the area.

“We are very much in favor of that in Rockaway,” she said. “We have a very large kayaking community.”

Kayaking has tapped into the water sports subculture in Rockaway. The New York Times last summer featured a story about kayaking trips in the bay. Access, however, has been restricted for many — especially after the storm cause extensive damage and pollution.


Anonymous said...

There are already kayak launches in LIC, Brooklyn, and parts of Manhattan. There's no dearth of options here. If there is truly a community need, then fine, work out a feasible plan that will also protect and preserve the park. Just don't believe or perpetuate the lie that there is some magical group of tourists just itching to kayak in the Rockaways.

Anonymous said...

Are they nuts?

Anonymous said...

there already is a jet ski/kayak/canoe concession on Jamaica Bay at the Thai Rock Restaurant.

Anonymous said...

Kayak & canoe rentals have already been available in Rockaway Beach, NY.

Anonymous said...

so, their idea of fun is to trek to some deserted place to rent a kayak?
no thanks.

Anonymous said...

In addition to Thai Rock, a kayak rental place has existed in Broad Channel for a number of years. Sunset Marina. And, actually, yeah, kayaking in Jamaica Bay is a lot of fun: