Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Now here's an immigration issue no one talks about

From the Daily News:

New York's metropolitan area is home to more women and girls who have been mutilated in female circumcision ceremonies — or are at risk — than any other U.S. city, experts estimate.

The global practice is a local issue, thanks to illegal surgeries performed here — but immigrant girls are often sent back to their parents’ homelands to undergo mutilation.

The centuries-old practice, based on beliefs about premarital “cleanliness,” has immigrated to the U.S. along with families from parts of West Africa, the Middle East and South Asia. The surgery is most widely done on infants and teens. It severely reduces sexual pleasure and can cause major health complications.

For some immigrants, the initial procedure may have been done back home, but the pain is compounded here.

When she was 15, Jaha Dukureh’s father made her go to a Manhattan doctor’s office to get her vagina — almost entirely sewn up during an infant circumcision ceremony in her native Gambia — cut back open so she would be ready for a forced arranged marriage to a 45-year-old man.

She believes the doctor knew it was for an underage wedding — a Gambian marriage counselor arranged the procedure.

“I was awake,” said Dukureh, now 23. “I screamed the whole time when they were doing it.”

“People think that female genital mutilation is an African issue, but it is a U.S. issue,” she said. “You have it everywhere Africans migrate to. I felt like if someone knew what I was talking about, most of the things that happened to me, they wouldn’t have happened.”

I guess we never hear about these things because the local pols are too busy remarking about how Vibrant! and Diverse! immigrants are and are busy trying to cover up the backward practices they brought with them. Joe Crowley's bill mentioned in this piece isn't going to do a thing about the problem, either.


Anonymous said...

is this topic more important to Queens taxpayers as :8.8 % nys unemployment,46 million citizens on food stamps (EBT'S), $2.2 Billion for free poverty cell phones,80 % of N.Y. Community College pupils unable to do math and read, NYS fracking jobs delayed by Gov. Cuomo and the NYS Assembly, playing politics ?
AND add that thousands of imprisoned illegal aliens,reportedly criminals, have been released by obama's Dept. of Homeland Security.

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Jon Torodash said...

A doctor is a mandated reporter of child abuse in NY. I would hope that Jaha Dukureh goes to the police with the name of the one here who was complicit in this barbaric practice. The fallout from even one high profile investigation could be the wakeup call needed to at least frighten other would-be abetting doctors into doing the right thing.

Anonymous said...

who cares in civilized AMERICA ......

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Anonymous said...

I'm not convinced that this is not fabricated to give them special immigration status, so they can leap frog over the top of the line.
can this even be verified?
If it is true:
The solution is to deport the abusive parents, the extended family, the doctor and his entire staff back to where they came from.
This is their problem. Let their country handle it. They are in the USA which they hate so very much. They will all be happier back home.