Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Liu may not get matching funds

From the NY Post:

Operating largely under the radar, Comptroller John Liu has pulled off an amazing feat in the race for mayor by filing claims that would entitle him to $3.4 million in public matching funds.

Liu’s accomplishment is impressive on several fronts.

The $564,400 he has amassed for matching purposes is second only to the $637,038 rounded up by City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who leads in the polls and has raised twice as much overall as her less successful rival.

Liu has concentrated on smaller contributions and has tapped donors outside the wealthy Manhattan core — particularly in Asian-American strongholds that include his base in Flushing, Queens — to haul in about $3.2 million. He’s got $2 million left.

“That was our whole fund-raising strategy,” confided one Liu ally.

Donations from city residents are matched on a generous six-to-one basis, up to $1,050 for every $175 contributed.

So the more small donations, the higher the match.

Liu hasn’t been accused of any wrongdoing himself.

But the CFB rules cover staffers as well as candidates.

In Chapter 5 of the CFB regulations, one reason cited for an “ineligibility determination” would be “if the participant or an agent of the participant has been found by the Board to have committed fraud in the course of the program . . .”

If [Jenny] Hou gets convicted, the Campaign Finance Board will be in a difficult position with regards to Liu.

As a guardian of the public funds, it’ll have to decide if there was enough evidence to trigger the ineligibility provision. At the same time, the agency doesn’t want to be accused of disenfranchising voters who are supporting one of the four major contenders in the Democratic race.


Anonymous said...

He will be lucky to get 7% of the votes!

Anonymous said...

Toss in the towel Liu!

You might be Tommy Huang's cousin...with access to laundered Taiwanese money...but YOU ARE NOT going to ever be mayor of NYC!

Go back to Taiwan and run for office there.

Anonymous said...

donations from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Beijing make 80% of his bankroll.

Anonymous said...

" donations from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Beijing make 80% of his bankroll."

Critical thinking escapes u, doesn't it? For matching funds, has to be $175 or under and from a NYC citizen.

Anonymous said...

How the City of New York could consider matching funds to a campaign that owes the City hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines due to illegal signs in the last campaign is beyond bizarre.

Pay your fines John, then get effin lost.

As to the suggestion that he go run in Taiwan, I've said before I think he is a traitor to the people of Taiwan. I think John Liu is a traitor to the people of the US.

I think John Liu has his entire allegiance to the dictatorship in Beijing.

Get lost John!

Anonymous said...

no information voters are in the majority in NYC. the chickens have come home to roost.do not count your chickens before they're hatched.election results are not based on the number of votes cast ,but on who COUNTS the votes. i believe either communist Joe Stalin or Karl Marx said that.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 7: Desperate people say desperate things, most notably low information voters who endlessly repeat the same radical right wing talking points over and over, giving everyone else the impression that they are incapable of an original thought of their own.

Anonymous said...

This guy really is a Liu Liu .

Anonymous said...

if the left -wing commenter is tired of hearing the MARXIST-LENINIST names mentioned,how about a new one : ANTONIO GRAMSCI.

how much $$$$ will the present administration print and borrow from MOTHER CHINA ,in the next four years?

the Chi-Coms will never allow one of their own,who they enabled into the NYC political scene to vanish.

remember NORMAN SHU,imprisoned for 26 years for embezzlement,bundled for both LIU and OBAMA.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 9:

"Now that's the most ridiculous thing that I've ever hoid." -

Marx (Groucho)


Marx (Harpo)

"Hey diddle diddle. The cat and the fiddle. This time I think that we go up the middle. Hike!!!"

Marx (Chico)

Bubba said...

Get ready to receive my egg roll.
You look like a cute little cell mate to me, Johnny girl.