Friday, March 8, 2013

Don't accept help with flat tires

From CBS New York:

Police Tuesday were asking for the public’s help in finding three suspects wanted in connection with 12 different thefts in Queens.

The incidents happened between Aug. 9 of last year and just this past Thursday. In most of the thefts, the victim is told by one of the suspects that he or she has a flat tire, and when the victim goes to investigate, the suspects steal items from inside the car.

The robberies happened in multiple areas of Queens, including Flushing, Broad Channel, Queens Village, South Richmond Hill and Sunnyside.

In many of the thefts, the victims were coming out of banks when the suspects told them their tires were flat. In some others, the victims noticed their flat tires themselves first, and accepted the suspects’ offers for help as one suspect worked on the tire and the others looted the car.


Anonymous said...

so much scum out there.

Anonymous said...

The oldest trick in the book

Anonymous said...

Open Letter to Gennaro who blocked his FB page

I wonder how much CM James Gennaro received to spew these lies and garbage. Not only did CM Gennaro not do anything to help the carriage horses but he passed legislation that made it worse for the carriage horses. Gennaro received a bundle of money before he introduced his bill to increase their rate to $50 dollars for the first 20 minutes. Yet he didn't include any mandatory retirement for the horses. Gennaro has no compassion for these horses. He though aligning himself with this cruel fraudulent industry would win him an election. He lost rightfully to Sen. Padavan. Now his staff member, Costa Constantinides, is running for this seat. Another guy who thinks aligning himself with this racist and homophobic industry will help him win.

Wrong!!! People are tired of the horse abuse and the blatant disregard for the minimal laws, This is a cash industry that hires undocumented workers are yet are in an union with no collective bargaining. Driver Jesus from Clinton Park Stable was deported recently and he isn't the only driver working undocumented. Where is the investigation there? Where is the IRS investigation on the tax evasion and state investigation on the employment tax evasion?

These drivers break the laws non stop. There are videos of them working the horses in above 90 degrees, overloading the horses with above the passenger limits, breaking traffic lights and double shifting the horses. These poor horses are in Time Square till 3am in the morning.

I love how CM James Gennaro and Costa Constantinides have so much respect for this industry that makes homophobic and racists remarks and attacks women.

i invite them to join me at night in Time Square to view the horses in the mayhem of traffic with no oversight.

Anonymous said...

Too cheap to join AAA....that's what you get.
Use your cell phone to call for aid and stay in your car!