Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bloomberg bans Easter eggs

From Sodahead:

“Personally, if I had it my way I would ban them all,” stated a stern-faced Michael Bloomberg to reporters Thursday morning.

But New York’s Mayor is not talking about soft drinks this time. He is not talking about salt shakers, guns, cigarettes or headphones. No, this time Mayor Michael “The Ban Man” Bloomberg is speaking of Easter eggs. Yes, Easter eggs and the famed 400-year-old hare that delivers them, the Easter Bunny.

The New York City mayor signed an executive order Thursday forbidding the bouncing, buck-toothed icon of Easter from leaving the city’s children with plastic Easter eggs no longer or wider than one inch, thereby reducing with amount of candy that can be stored in them.

Happy Easter to all, and don't be an April Fool! - QC


Sandy Hamilton said...

Can not put much candy in those small eggs, but kiddie could choke on them. Better to choke on them then eat sweets.

Anonymous said...

"This is the size of my brain"

Anonymous said...

Ovum envy???

Jerry Rotondi said...

This 5' 7", micro managing, half-pint,
Napoleonic, nincompoop, has gone clearly off his nut!

Bloomberg is a bad egg with an ego the size of Jupiter.

Leggo of NYC already!

Thanks be, we'll be rid of him soon--and that ain't soon enough for me!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Mayor look a little constipated.

Shove that nice little pink suppository you're holding where the sun don't shine!

Anonymous said...

has the tiny chicken come home to roost? in the welfare city ?

Anonymous said...

"has the tiny chicken come home to roost? in the welfare city ?"

No caps, poor grammar, we know it's Gramps again.

As for "coming home to roost", ask your gop about that one.

All those years of demonizing "Liberals", intellectuals and immigrants have finally done them in.

Anonymous said...

What is he really holding? Is that a testicular implant???

Anonymous said...

It looks like Bloomberg just laid another egg!

Anonymous said...

And here I thought he was banning jelly beans to help fight obesity.