Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pavilion may get volunteer facelift

From the Queens Chronicle:

Queens’ iconic rust bucket may be getting a spit shine and lead role in a movie.

A gang of local fellas and one curious passerby are looking to raise funds for various projects that would rejuvenate the New York State Pavilion and memorialize its unsung champions in a documentary, all in anticipation of the 50th Anniversary of the 1964-65 World’s Fair.

Only one thing stands in their way: funding.

One group is comprised of a crew of World’s Fair aficionados who have spent the last few years trying to undo the telltale signs of neglect scrawled around the entirety of the historic structure. They’ve gone so far as to repaint the red and white stripes on the Pavilion’s rotunda.

They’re planning to get the paint buckets, rollers and brushes out again this spring, after the Parks Department rubbed out splotches of the striped paint from the Pavilion’s interior while trying to remove graffiti from the landmarked structure.

But they’re looking to raise $2,500 through online donations at to fund the supplies needed to do the job. So far, they have raised $370 from nine donations, but are hoping through a bit of attention and good will to get closer to their goal.

The group plans to get to work when the weather warms up, sometime around April.

The State Pavilion was hit with an array of over a dozen bubble letters in various colors under the remnants of the “Tent of Tomorrow.” The Parks Department followed through on its promise to remove the graffiti. But now Silverstein, John Piro and several others need to put the stripes back where they belong.

“They basically powerwashed some of the original paint off,” Silverstein said. “That’s the only thing they can do.”


Anonymous said...

Why do volunteers have to do this type of work all the ttine while local leaders sit back, turn a blind eye , and just do NOTHING?
Thank God we have volunteers.

Anonymous said...

The political mob controlling Queens needs a facelift or replacement!

Avella for borough president!

Having that stronzo Pete "junior" Vallone as beep, would be like electing Don Ciccio il cappo di tuttu cappi!

Anonymous said...

I know these folks and they are genuine in their efforts to spruce up the NYS pavilion which is massive in size for the 1/2 dozen of this group to accomplish. But they do it a fine spirit of civic and a love of the past 2 World Fair history. Please consider volunteering or donating materials of paint etc to keep the pavilion spruced up. There is no reason not to support landmarking each and every significant structure in this park for future generations to use and enjoy as it was once in it's glory!

Anonymous said...

I had contacted John Piro, in response to an article couple of months ago, and he said he would contact me again after he returns from vacation. I've since lost his contact info and haven't heard from him since. I would like to reach out to him, or anyone else to help witj volunteering to help with the NY State Pavilion. Does anyone have contact info they can give me? I'd appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how may people currently living in Queens actually went to the last Worlds Fair?
Doubt anyone else really cares about the NYS pavilion, so it will continue to rot.

Joe said...

I know these folks as well and THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING. Dam shame the city one give them a dime for paint or even brushes.

Everybody please spread the word and make some calls.

Joe said...

"Does anyone have contact info they can give me"
Its usually on Saturdays weather permitting. !!

To stay in the loop Join and shoot Randy or Bill and email.
I already sent them a link to here somebody should be chiming in.

Anonymous said...

Joe -

Do you mean "won't" instead of "one"?

Anonymous said...

"Its usually on Saturdays weather permitting. !!" ......

What exactly is/happens usually on Saturdays?

I will check though, thank~you.

Joe said...

They will need volunteers at some point if and when they get project going.
It appears as usual the city and the Billionare mayor isnt giving them one nickle

To volunteer or donate to make this possible contact:
Johnny at
Mitch at

Anonymous said...

What are all Queens elected reps doing right now?
What kind of work day did they have today?
Who did they speak or meet with?
What community projects or meetings are on their calendars?
Why aren't we holding them accountable for what is happening in Queens?
Why are they getting paid to do nothing?

Anonymous said...

Thank~you Joe,
John emailed back saying the painting project of the Pavilion starts April first. Hope we all can participate to clean up the Pavilian then. Thanks again!