Friday, March 8, 2013

CB7 votes yes when they mean no and CB3 attempts secret meeting

From A Walk in the Park:

Last night Community Board 7's Park Committee overwhelmingly voted to approve the USTA's $ 500 million expansion. The approval was conditioned upon the tennis giant establishing a capital fund of $15 million and an annual maintenance fund of $ 300,000 to be used exclusively for Flushing Meadows-Corona Park.

The board enacted the destroying parks in order to "Save Them" policy last night despite strong community opposition. A flyer was circulated before the meeting reminding the board that is was the government responsibility to fund parks not private business. Apparently they were not swayed.

The Parks Committee voted 8 - 3 in favor of the USTA land grab becoming the first parks committee to give the green light for the controversial project.

For weeks CB 7 leadership have been pressing for the cash for public park land swap deal but this was the first time they put an actual price tag on it. 1st Vice Chairperson Chuck Apelian finally publically put a proposed number on the deal.

Mr. Apelian and CB 7 Chair Eugene Kelty continued to push for extracting funds from the USTA for the park and formed much of the motion.

The motion was approved with various conditions including discount access to USTA facilities for seniors and children.

The oversite of such a fund would include a member of each of the impacted community boards.

Minutes before the vote committee chair Kim O'Hanian said there's no point in voting "no", because Queens Borough President Helen Marshall and City Council Julissa Ferreras are going to vote "yes" anyway.

Also from A Walk in the Park:

Various Community Board 3 committees voted to reject the USTA's $ 500 million expansion on Tuesday night.

A joint meeting of CB3 committees assigned to the proposal - Parks, Land Use, Transportation and Business Development, voted 11 to 9 recommending no to the full board on the USTA application.

The committees' no vote will be accompanied by an upcoming list of recommendations the CB wants but which the USTA has not committed. The list to going to be drafted between now and the full board meeting on March 14. The majority of committee members felt that a "No" recommendation will be taken more seriously when it came time for the elected officials to negotiate with USTA, than a "Yes" with conditions because the "Yes" is all that is noticed.

It is a violation of the Open Meeting Law to refuse to provide basic information regarding public meetings.

Three people called Community Board 3 to find out whether there was a meeting involving the USTA and whether or not there was going to be a vote. All three were denied that information by CB employees including by the Chair person, Marta Lebreton, according to multiple sources. The board refused to confirm or deny the scheduling of meeting and instead informed people of the March 14th meeting.

One employee said she was forbidden to give out the info and said she was "not allowed to say." This is very disturbing.

Giovanna Reid, the board's District Manager confirmed at 4:59 - 90 minutes prior to the start - that the meeting was happening after receiving additional calls including from other media.

I asked Ms. Reid if they were going to be voting at the meeting and she replied "no," twice.

When I replied that that was not accurate she suddenly changed her story and replied,

"Oh well yes that is the plan, they are going to vote," she said.

It was raised once again, although other committee meetings were listed on the website this one was not. Ms. Reid replied she did not know anything about it and that they have a webmaster who tends to those issues.

Public meetings are open to the public. It is a very serious matter when any community board or its chairperson deliberately refuses to disclose facts about a meeting that are necessary for the public to plan to attend it.


Jerry Rotondi said...

Thank you for the song and dance act my "dear" community board "leaders".

I no longer have any respect for some CB 7 members.

These spineless tin demagogues of this toy government, have just voted to give away public land
for peanuts and promises.

All I can see are the actions of turncoats and traitors.
How do these "staunch" citizens sleep at night?

It's time to flush this pack of knaves.
Too many have served (themselves) for too long!

Anonymous said...

All these useless politicians should be given 1000 hours of community service and sent to clean up FMCP. Then they should be thrown out of office for screwing the public.

Anonymous said...

Right on, Jerry!

Anonymous said...

Right on re:

"All these useless politicians should be given 1000 hours of community service and sent to clean up FMCP. Then they should be thrown out of office for screwing the public. "

I agree, they should be ashamed of themselves. What do these elected officials, in Queens, really do then. Also, what are they doing regarding the "Dead End" 149 Street bridge in Flushing? Did they try finding out what's wrong with bridge, if anything.

Joe said...

Only a annual maintenance fund of $ 300,000 for the Park ?

What a DIRTY deal !
That doesn't even pay 2 month trash can emptying for a park that size as the USTA makes hundreds of millions.

Anonymous said...

What is Queens Civic Congress doing about the sorry state of Community Boards in Queens?

I trust they are more interested in something besides eastern Queens tree pruning and running soirees for politician photo ops.

Anonymous said...

What is that Ass-torian doing about his own district?

If you're still jealous of the better life in the northeast...
then move your ass out here!

We all know who you are...hiding behind "anonymous"...Mr. BS!

Anonymous said...

Community boards are the window dressing of democracy. Their "power" is illusionary.

They were dispensed like a placebo--to convince the "natives" into believing--that they actually have a voice in government.

It would take a change in the city charter to shut down these bastions of corruption.

Unknown said...

CB7 board members are all ego fools (except for the 7 that voted against the USTA) They are full of themselves and don't listen to the public that needs a park. Instead,they listen to union employees that have a job and want to plead there case for more work and money. TOO BAD! They probably have a nice house and backyard so they dont need a park. SAME ON YOU ALL!!!