Monday, March 25, 2013

Floating sidewalks in Flushing

"North Flushing's Memorial Fields' sidewalk is like a haunted house' floating walking bridge.

On a 3 block stretch of 149 Street between Bayside Avenue and 26 Avenue there are 7 or 8 sections of the park's sidewalk that is so uneven it looks like a haunted house floating, moving walking bridge exhibit. I'm surprised DOT has not done anything about this in all these yrs, and haven't had anyone getting hurt and suing the city. In addition, uncaring dog owners don't curb their dogs nor do they clean up after their dogs does its business there by the park or on my front lawn just 2 blocks away." - Frustrated in Flushing

I'm sorry, but Parks is more concerned with giving away pieces of land to big businesses and turning diving pools into $4.5M theaters with no bathrooms. And DOT is busy catering to the miniscule percentage of NYers that bike. Sidewalks for pedestrians, which 100% of NYers are, will have to wait.


Anonymous said...

This is Halloran turf.

WTF has this fruitcake done during his past term besides sell out Whitestone residents to the likes of Joey "d'or" mafioso friend Franco.

Make sure this drunken blowhard doesn't get a second term! The only thing bigger than his beer belly is his ego. By G-d...he really thinks he's G-d!

And he really ought to keep his putz in his pants instead of womanizing his staff.

Anonymous said...

If you polish down the edges, they look like marble

Anonymous said...

Correction to posting article:
Parks dept. not DOT.

Anonymous said...

#1 are in need of psychiatric counseling.

Anonymous said...

Halloran needs psychiatric counseling.
Dan is a mental case.