Tuesday, March 26, 2013

College Point has oldest service station in NYC

From the NY Post:

A historic gas station in Queens has been in business for so long that when it first opened, the only mustangs and broncos it serviced had stirrups, not seatbelts.

Farrington Service Station in College Point opened in 1868 — just three years after the Civil War ended. And while other gas stations have come and gone, remarkably, Farrington’s has been owned by the same family on the same street corner for 145 years.

“My father and my grandfather before him always said, ‘Never sell your luck,’ ” said John Farrington, 56, who co-owns the station at 15th Avenue and 126th Street with his brother, Michael.

“That gas station has been our luck in this family for five generations. We would never get rid of it.”

The station has undergone numerous face-lifts as it’s gone from servicing horses to fueling automobiles — first with Sinclair Oil, then BP and, finally, with Gulf.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! My great-grandparents settled in College Point from Germany in the 1850s. My grandparents and parents all lived there until I was born in '53 . . .

Anonymous said...

Amazing, something the chinese havent razed.

georgetheatheist said...

Are these the Farringtons that Farrington Street in Flushing is named for?