Saturday, March 16, 2013

Carrion has missing money issues

From the Daily News:

Mayoral hopeful Adolfo Carrion may be in more hot water over his political finances.

As Bronx borough president, he created a political fund that regularly made large cash disbursements in apparent violation of state election law, the Daily News has learned.

The existence of the political committee, BXNY PAC, was not widely known until now. It received $172,000 in contributions, mostly from developers and other business interests with dealings in the Bronx, records show.

Carrion’s committee made cash payments of $500 — $15,800 in all — but didn’t specify what the money was for, records obtained by The News show.

The fund spent another $3,380 on unspecified “expenses” and $2,789 more to pay off a credit card bill, again without listing the charges that were incurred.

Board of Elections spokesman Tom Connolly said it appears that the PAC violated laws that forbid political committees from distributing more than $100 in cash and that require them to detail the purpose of all spending over $50.


Anonymous said...

There's a financial gap just like the gap between his front teeth!

Emir said...

Carrion didn't do shit for the Bronx and he won't do shit for NYC if he became mayor.