Wednesday, March 27, 2013

He was against park housing before he was for it

From the NY Post:

State Sen. Dan Squadron took in more than $65,000 from supporters of a residential development at Brooklyn Bridge Park — after he struck a deal that enabled housing at the site.

Squadron, a Democrat who’s running for public advocate, promised during his 2008 Senate campaign to fight all housing in the park, but his 2011 deal with the Bloomberg administration allows for some residential development there, albeit less than originally planned at the site.

He has received cash from members of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy and Brooklyn Bridge Development Corp., which support housing in the park as it undergoes renovation.

“Apparently, if the money comes from the right ZIP code, with the right connections, Squadron is just your average old-school pol,” said a source familiar with the deal.


Anonymous said...

Phony, liar, thief....

Anonymous said...

I happily lost Daniel in the redistricting. Having been his constituent I can say he is not what he seems. I've never voted for him as I never fell for his shtick although many of my friends and neighbors did and now regret it. My main issue with him is his unquestioning support of mayoral control of the schools and for charters. I had heard that his wife works for the Bloomberg administration. Not sure if she does. I won't be voting for him.

Anonymous said...

Flip flops on issues are common with thieving egotists, once they decide to run for office.

Don't bend over in the shower if Daniel is next to you.

Anonymous said...

The guy needs a shave.