Friday, March 8, 2013

Grace asks judge to go easy on her pop

From the Daily News:

Queens Rep. Grace Meng is asking a federal judge to go easy on her father when he’s sentenced for a bribery scheme.

When Jimmy Meng was arrested by the FBI last year, his daughter was in the middle of a race for the congressional seat and never appeared with other family members at court appearances in Brooklyn.

But with Jimmy Meng’s sentencing scheduled for March 12, Grace Meng, a Democrat, is the most prominent letter writer to Federal Judge Allyne Ross seeking leniency for the ex-assemblyman.

“When I first heard about the arrest, my heart felt broken for him,” she wrote on plain stationery with no mention of the political office she holds.


Anonymous said...

Don't do the crime if you can't do the time!!!

Anonymous said...

Is Grace's pop a special crook entitled to leniency?

Show no mercy! Jimmy is an ex assemblyman, and should be made an example of.

If Jimmy did the crime then let him do the full time!

Nail this Taiwanese crook to the wall.
Lock him up and throw away the key!

How much money did Grace pocket for her political campaign through the nefarious activities of her father?

Anonymous said...

Go easy on daddy?
He deserves a steel clad egg roll up his ass!

He might get one in the prison shower room.

Anonymous said...

So this is why she ran for office?

Anonymous said...

Didn't Liu ask judge to go easy on his dad some years ago for a bank scam? I believe hid father didn't serve any time, did he?

Anonymous said...

John Liu's Bank Robbing dad faced 25 years, but "somehow" only got three months.

To this day John Liu cries like a baby that poor daddy was treated unfairly.

Joseph Liu is a convicted bank thief and should have been tossed in jail for at least 10 years. He's a despicable criminal and the fact that John Liu is angry that his GUILTY father was convicted shows how unfit he is for public service.

Anyone who could consider voting for John Liu is either a crook or a dirtball in my view. They want free stuff from the hard work of others, or they are just common crooks like John Liu’s dad is.

No decent human being could vote for John Liu.

Anonymous said...

Dishonest graft looks to be in the blood of the "Meng" dynasty.

John Liu, Jimmy Meng and other chinese - american pols have adopted the typical bribery tactics from their counterparts in Red China where there, they do the same and take their slice of the pie from foreign business interests who employ slave labor that makes most of the goods you would find here.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Meng hails from Taiwan.
It's the Taiwanese that have screwed Flushing.
Tommy Huang, Cecilia Chang, etc. are Taiwanese.

Remember your history.
When Mao Tse Tung took over China, he threw out the crooks, opium dealers (actually he executed most of those) and corrupt war lords.

Where did they run to?
They took up residence on the island of Formosa, later to be renamed Taiwan.

Anonymous said...

I love it...."Meng the merciless".

Anonymous said...

Toby Dowager Empress promotes corruption by her Evan Evil Princeling, just like crime heirs John Liu and Grace Meng. Chinese people are better than that. They Deserve better. Anna Chennault and Alfred Hong were Ripablic Party. Is for REAL.

Anonymous said...

“When I first heard about the arrest, my heart felt broken for him,”

Geez, I guess she can't afford grammar check!

Anonymous said...

do not forget to visit the 250 toddler, new LIU/KOO, donor owned Asian Daycare center at Francis Lewis Blvd. /42 Avenue, in Auburndale /Bayside. COMING SOON......

now, who were the pols. in office at the time of demolishment of a $1.5 million residential dwelling at that site in 2003-4 ?