Wednesday, February 7, 2007

NY Times' building permits

The Crapper did some digging and found the NY Times' DOB permits.


NY State Article 19 application (10 tons of VOC? This is considered safe to breathe?)

State DEC permit

Here's what VOC's are: Organic Gases (Volatile Organic Compounds - VOCs)

It will take you some time to sift through it all.
Crappy's head is spinning on its axis!

Update - The Queens Examiner scrutinizes the expansion:

The Times They Are A-Changin'


Anonymous said...

Looks like they have violations dating back to 2001 that are still active. Am I reading that correctly?

I think the NY Times should do an expose on this. Oh wait, nevermind. Not likely, is it?

Anonymous said...

Go to the NY Times competitors and maybe they'll do an expose on it! Maybe not. They seem to all support overdevelopment! Forget the weeklies (or should it "weaklies"). We haven't heard a peep from them (or the politicians) yet!

Anonymous said...

What is really frightful is that the Borough Commissioner revoked Job 402010480 yet it has been signed off!

Take a look at Complaint no. 4216621.

Disgraceful but so typical!!

Anonymous said...

So, the application for an enlargement has been disapproved, but the permit for foundation work, in conjunction with the enlargement, has been approved?


Anonymous said...

I just made a passby of the NY Times printing plant an hour ago and there are no visible signs of permits, DOB notices, or anything else indicative of ongoing construction. I cruised the entire length of the property on the southbound Whitestone Expressway. Is this legal?

Also, I am now extremely concerned with this corporate neighbor. If 10 tons of toxic emissions are spewing out of the facility per year by their own admission, what will be the impact of an additional printing press?

The secrecy and lack of outrage on the part of elected officials is becoming very disturbing. The absence of media coverage smacks of a coverup. How can the NY Times and the NYC EDC get away with this affront? Oh yeah, it's the NY Times.

Anonymous said...

I tried to go through the paperwork from the links in your article and now my head is spinning. This is very confusing but I was hoping that someone could explain the portion of the first document from page 18 on, which includes Item 7.1, and the emissions standards. I am now even more concerned for the health of my family and myself, not to mention my neighbors. We are downwind of the plant and its toxic emissions. This is an outrage!!! How come they can get away with breaking various laws and still be allowed to continue their daily pounding and construction? Why isn't the media covering this?

Anonymous said...

CB#7 should be putting this outrageous NY Times expansion on their agenda for the next public meeting!

Richard said...

The specific identity of the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are being released from the Times facility needs to be revealed. VOCs tend to be both toxic and flammable, some much more highly than others.

Building Permits are required to be posted for construction that is occurring.

If there are no Building Permits, no assessment of Environmental Impacts from expanding, no traffic studies to determine the impact of expansion on traffic, and no plan to minimize both existing and post-expansion impacts, then it is an outrage and betrayal by our government if such expansion is permitted to go forward, as seems to be the case.