Thursday, February 15, 2007

Fortress of Steel

Do you get the feeling that the owner of this property at 50-15 65th Place in Woodside went a little overboard with the metallic adornments on his piece of Queens Crap?
Metalwork on windows, doors, gates and other spots on this fortified residence probably kept U.S. Steel in the black for more than a year.


Anonymous said...

Stainless steel doors railings and window guards are usually the hallmark of Asian owners.

There was a group of burglars who targeted such homes in the past, assuming that Asians always kept a large cache of money and jewelry on the premises.

In a lot of cases this proved to be true. Where did all that cash that wasn't deposited in the bank all come from? Why was such ready access to it required?

Anonymous said...

Glitter and shiny, if on clothing, cars, or eye candy for the arm, is a mark of lower class.

Understatement, which was a former halmark of our housing has given away to gaudy baubles.

I am sure the machine is happy their policy of attacting the 'right' people to Queens is paying off.

Anonymous said...

Not always true. The jews, particularly Russian jews, love this type of trim. Their properties can be distinguised by high walls and fences stainless steel everything. They are all over Queens and Brooklyn.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is this, a white collar prison built especially for Dennis Gallagher?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, these abominations of architecture are becoming a common site in my neighborhood of Jackson Heights. Formerly brick front houses are now Pink stucco. Yes, that's right, pink. The color goes very well with the plastic flowers that adorn the gardens.

Anonymous said...

What is needed is strong community civics organized through the length and breath of this city that can vote on development in their communities.

Anonymous said...

It is sad that the place that was the proving ground for 20th century planned communities and innovative housing is has a leadership that:

1. encourages absentee landlords and illegal conversions,

2. encourages homeowners to regard their house as a strip mine to milk everything they can get out of it

3. turns a blind eye on quality of life issues, including the latest in tastelessness in housing.

What a great idea for some students to write some papers. Send your speculations into Queens Crap and perhaps the webmaster will publish the best of the lot.