Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Real estate roundup

These prices seem like real bargains. One could say that prices this low should be illegal! But these can't be illegal apartments. They are posted right out in the open on a very popular website. I'm sure our $112K/year elected officials would have done something about them if they were illegal. Yes, these ads definitely must be for spaces that are legit.

$750 New studio apartment includes utilities

$750 Uties Incl. 1 bedroom, Living room, bathroom, and kitchen close to sub

$850/1br - Renovated-Mint!!/Private house,basement with your own entrance

$1000 / 1br - Studio/BSMT APT - A MUST SEE!!

$750 / 1br - 1 bedroom basement apt in wakefield queens(close to jfk airport)


$625 / 1br - nice 1 bedroom basement apt in richmond hill

$1050 / 1br - Clean Quiet Cozy Furnished or Unfurnished Basement 2 room Studio pvt e


$750 Studio Basement Apartment

$850 / 1br - includes all utilities - 1/2 block subway, 45 min to city


$650 open studio


Anonymous said...

Of course they are legal. It nearly impossible to get away with an illegal apartment in this city, since the enforcement is stellar!

But what I don't understand is why utilities would be included with apartments that are so reasonable. All these perfectly legal apartments should have their own meters and the costs could be billed directly to the renter of the unit, right? How generous of these landlords to give people such a good deal in a city this expensive. Who said there's no kindness left in the world? This warms my heart.

Anonymous said...

St. John's University is even good enough to advertise those "legal" basement apartment to their students!

Rooms for Rent

What ever happened to that rule about only three unrelated people being allowed to live in a dwelling unit?

Rules and regulations? Maybe they should have a real estate course at the St. John's Law School.

Anonymous said...

Utilities included eh?

I guess that is why my friend who works for Con Ed and was sending out the checks for spoiled food finally put her foot down when the sixth unrelated person in the same apartment asked for reimbursement last summer.

Over 75% of the checks, it is rumored, went to people who had no name on the billing address for the meter at their location.

No one has the foggiest notion how many people live in Queens. 2.2 million? 2.5 million? [your number here?]

Who cares? All we want to do is build! build! build!

Anonymous said...

Do you mean that the city does not enforce its own codes? (look of shocked horror.)I wonder why someone doesn't use this to sue the city.

You live in a basement, for example. You know it is illegal. The city does nothing to stop it. You sue the city. You settle and get a good apartmemt.

Why doesn't someone try it? You are living in a sh*thole anyway, so what have you got to lose?

Anonymous said...

Now, now, the parks department recently proved that you don't have to enforce your own codes. When that civic sued to have Parks enforce the law, the judge said they didn't have to. I'm sure it would be ditto for the DOB!

Anonymous said...

H-m-m-m.... underground living (mostly inbasements).

An underground economy (no payments to IRS).

Undocumented aliens.

What a great scenario for tax evasion and smuggling!

Anonymous said...

... or terrorists!

What would some of Ackerman's buddies in Congress say if, after spending millions of dollars of taxpayer's money on Homeland Security, Ackerman makes it all moot by permiting this potential threat to grow in his district because the machine, losing the confidence of the general public, is grasping for support in any fashion they can invent?

Hey maybe the Tribune of Queen Catherine fame and St Saviours infamy can write up something about this - you know - a public service.