Thursday, February 22, 2007

Your tax dollars at work, continued

Councilman Simcha Felder of Brooklyn is up in arms because caffeine content is not clearly listed on food products:

City councilman buzzed over caffeine labels

QC's happy to see the councilman earning his 25% raise and tackling the hard issues.

Meanwhile, the NY Post has some HEART-ENING COFFEE NEWS.


Anonymous said...

The city Council is just one big coffee clotch of egg-sucking dogs anyway! Most are lawyers who are themselves heavily vested in real estate or whores (grande puttas) of the NYC real estate industry i.e. C.M. Katz!

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh, they look more and more like a student government body and spend their time pass on frivilous and silly things like changeing street names, foreign policy, salary hikes, building zoning variences.

Whoa! Come to think of it, where ARE the adults?

Anonymous said...

I always like to play a game with photographs of smiling people. Try it.

Cover their mouths and see if their eyes are also smiling. Simcha's are not. They're quite stern...even appearance.

Conclusion....what is his pasted on smile concealing?

I think that he's also covering up his bald spot.

Anonymous said...

For the record, I don't think his eyes look mean.

This quote, however, says it all.

"She said, 'You don't accomplish much as an elected official. Maybe you can do something about this,' " the councilman recalled Monday with a chuckle. "And I don't argue with her."

The man's own wife is telling him that he does so little, that he might as well waste time (and therefore taxpayer dollars) passing a meaningless resolution as a favor to her. Wonderful. I'm sure this was meant as a joke, but it looks pretty bad to have it go on record.

The FDA may ignore the CSPI's requests for the last decade, but I'm sure they'll tremble in fear at the demands of the New York City Council.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone ever taught these people the difference between being a senator and a councilman.

I hope the council takes it upon itself to end federal deficit spending, negiotiate with North Korea, and bring our troops home safely from Iraq. A few resolutions ought to accomplish all that.

Anonymous said...

Negotiate with North Korea? Well the local press is already there and our elections candidates run unopposed and ....

Anonymous said...

I should have included 'negiotiate peace in the middle east' since our concilreps decided that was the best place for them to spend their time a few weeks back.

I call for a moratorium on meaningless resolutions and concilreps involving themselves in national and foreign affairs that don't affect the city. Who will support this?

georgetheatheist said...

Erratum...."Kaffeklatsch"... e.g.: "The New York City Council is a Kaffeklatsch of Dummkopfen."

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the correction George.....I was phonetically spelling it.

The German version is much better and they certainly are a bunch of dummies!

Anonymous said...

I still think his eyes are quietly mean. (You know....that "banality of evil"...look). That's my're entitled to yours. No need tofor us both to be so officious about it. Just a wistful observation. I could be wrong....for the record!

He's certainly a "schmuck"!

Anonymous said...

I think I bought a camera from this guy at B&H.