Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Voting Rights Debate

The city council is considering passing a bill that would allow non-citizens to vote in city elections:


"More than 50,000 adult noncitizen taxpayers in those two districts are disenfranchised by citizenship voting laws."

(You can't be disenfranchised unless you have the right to vote in the first place.)


Anonymous said...

They must be running out of honest citizens to vote for the crooks that are running nowadays! So what's the answer.....import your votes. It looks like shades of Boss Tweed brought up to date.

This constant "Tweeding" of our process is another disgusting attempt to overthrow democracy!

I think that I'll register as a legal alien in France, Germany....wherever....and ask for a ballot.

How far do you think I will get?

Anonymous said...

Whoopie! More votes for John Liu!!!

Anonymous said...

Why not enroll residents of all foreign countries to vote in all of our elections?

Why should a foreigner have to trouble himself by traveling to this country to register to vote? Who the hell do we think we are? Looking to serve our interests without considering the interests of people who have no stake, but who (with many politicians) look to grab our hard earned money!

This way, foreigners could elect politicians (perhaps from their own country) to vote to raise taxes here, which money will be transferred instantly to the voter's account to take care of his welfare needs.

Also, these foreigners could vote to send our GIs to die for their quarrels with neighboring foreign countries (leading to the insanity that some of our GIs will be warring with others of our GIs).

What do we citizens know of the interests and needs of foreigners who come here illegally and hate every one of us, and look at us as their personal piggy banks?

Don't you love politicians who hate us so much that they want our vote diluted by votes from people who hate our very souls?

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well. At the time I posted my first comment, I was unaware that Rabid racist Barron was instigating this effort.

So, when I said: "Don't you love politicians who hate us so much that they want our vote diluted by votes from people who hate our very souls?" I did not know that this creature, so hate-filled that he wants to "slap Whitey" just for the fun of it, was behind this. But, I do have to boast that I had the man pegged so correctly.

What do you say, Pinky? What about you, Katz? And, Quinn? What about the rest of you?

Can you pull yourselves from the developers' laps long enough to slap this fellow around just for the fun of it?

Anonymous said...

The machine knows that American society has moved on - this is no longer 1965.

Its only a matter of time before the American public figures out a way around the liberal judges, and the pro-immigrant advocacy groups (churches, chambers of commerce, real estate industry), and they start to slap some controls on this country's boarders.

I recall 100 years ago when anarchists stated to make more damage then they could be exploited, they slammed the door shut real fast.

The same pattern will repeat itself today with terrorism. One or two more events like 9/11 (which all experts claim is inevitable) and Ackerman and his buddies will sound pretty tired and lame.

(Well they do already, but remember, we are in the belly of the beast and it will take a little while for the trends in the rest of the country to percolate into Queens.)