Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Mike not in step with bid to save Survivors Staircase


Mayor Bloomberg dealt a blow yesterday to preservation groups fighting to keep the Survivors Staircase intact at the World Trade Center site.

He dismissed the idea of housing the 175-ton structure in the office tower due to rise where the staircase now stands, as preservationists want, or to put the steps in the planned WTC Museum.

The Lower Manhattan Development Corp., the city-state agency that will have the last word on the issue, "has accepted public comment, [and] now it's time to make a decision," Bloomberg spokesman John Gallagher told the Daily News.

The comments appeared to put the mayor at odds with the Spitzer administration, whose economic development agency said yesterday the preservationists' views were among those still being considered and a public hearing might be held.

The agency, the Empire State Development Corp., is the parent of LMDC.

Meanwhile, BPC United, a Battery Park City organization, slammed preservation groups for wanting to save the entirety of what it called a "half-demolished hunk of concrete" and "an eyesore."

The staircase was used by many 9/11 survivors as a route down to safety on Vesey St.

Originally published on February 13, 2007

There is nothing sacred to this administration. Considering the worst terrorist attack in United States history is the reason this mayor is in office today, you'd think he'd give a damn.

More from National Trust for Historic Preservation.

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Anonymous said...

Once it is gone, it can never be replaced. This is a sacrilege but typical of this money driven administration. How heartless.

Anonymous said...

Over 3,000 people dead (and still counting) in the attack on the WTC and all the administration sees in the "survivors staircase" is an "eyesore"! When the time eventually comes for these heartless opponents to draw their last breath on Earth, they will see a demon perched upon their chests waiting to devour their rotten souls! They will not rest in peace! May G-d persuade Bloomberg & Co. to change their minds!

Anonymous said...

This is his test and he scores an "F-" How unsympathetic after such casualties. He and the admininstration shall be damned for even calling it an eyesore. Their hearts and eyes are replaced with nothing more than dollar bills. Bloomie should also make the St. Saviour's parcel bloom in an instance. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for both cases. These cowards are less than human beings...No respect for real human beings aka heroes; only developers and select councilmembers who have their rear ends intertwined with their lips. Sad, but true.