Monday, February 26, 2007

Saving Civic Virtue

It’s not true that no one cares about Civic Virtue. Community Board 9 Queens is supporting the renovation of Civic Virtue. We sent letters to NYC Parks Commissioner Benepe on May 26, 2006 and held a meeting with representatives of local elected officials and the Borough President’s Office to request funding to at least repair it. Included in that meeting was Jonathan Kuhn, Parks Department, Arts and Antiquities with the exception of Mr. Kuhn we had very little support. At the Borough President's Hearings on the Capital and Expense Priorities for Queens, I spoke for Community Board 9, as District Manager and requested the Borough President’s support for the Board on this project. My plea fell on deaf ears.

We would welcome support for this project. If you are an art lover or a member of an organization and wish to see it restored kindly email us or better yet if you know anyone who would be interested in discussing its restoration with the Board, call me, Mary Ann Carey, District Manager at 718-286-2686


verdi said...

If "Civic Virtue" is made of limestone (as are the 5th Ave. Library Lions in Manhattan), I would suggest looking into infusing it with a protective solution as a start.

This was done many years ago for the Library Lions. I don't know what was used but it gave the stone an interior strength that kept it from spalling.

Mobil Oil Corp. picked up the tab.

Rego-Forester said...

Civic Virtue does not depict a nude man standing over 2 women. The figures are an allegorical representation of Greek mythology. Hercules stands over but not on top of 2 female sirens symbolizing vice and corruption, which Civic Virtue denounces in society. Some politicians cannot bear passing it en route to Borough Hall. Just examine the track record of those who had to step down in recent years due to their shattered oath not long after being elected to public office. This is a peaceful statue designed by the world-known Frederick MacMonnies, who was the last major American Beaux Art sculptor. Civic Virtue is public art that belongs to & in Queens. On behalf of the citizens of Queens who wish to secure its future where it has sat for 71 years, it is unethical behavior by Department of Citywide Administrative Services, the NYC Design Commission, and select "public servants" to concoct a deal to transport Civic Virtue to the privately-owned Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn. This was not agreed upon by the Queens constituency. We pay our fair share of taxes. Join