Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bobby Boo-Hoo

The Chair of the Landmarks Preservation Commission has taken a beating lately. So he has to defend himself:

The Sheriff of Landmarks

"Melinda Katz, the chair of the land-use committee—she is a superb chair."

"[Mayor Bloomberg] is committed to preservation. He is committed to great architecture and design, not only here but in other realms of city government."

Well, Bob, when you make statements like those, you're asking to either get laughed at or dropkicked.

Photo from NY Obeserver


Anonymous said...

It's one thing when a city official or politician blantantly shows his incompetence and acts like an ass-hole (like hizzoner often does), but it sounds as though Tierney actually BELIEVES that he, Boomberg and Katz are doing a great job with presevation. That's just scary, and anyone who buys into such a load needs to be straight-jacketed.

Anonymous said...

What a crock of crap!!!!

So Bloomie is committed to "good architecture, good design, preservation" ????

No, he's commited to the cash the real estate industry brings to the city and to him and his cronies.

Good arcitecture, design and landmarking may have their place in areas that rich businesspeople and tourists will see, but to hell with the rest of the city, isn't that right, Bloomie? - just let the builders do what they hell they want so we can warehouse all the immigrants in ugly crap.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of "phony baloney"! I'd rather drop kick "Bumbling Bob" in the butt and lose a shoe up his ass in the process than laugh at him!

Maybe that would encourage an independent "movement" on his part away from Hizzoner's marching orders for the LPC!

Anonymous said...

Do you get the feeling that this guy actually has a little tin badge with the word "sheriff" on it in his desk and that once in awhile he pulls it out and wears it around the office?

Anonymous said...

Hey, all we need to do is play around with the appointment of commissioners and all would be fine.

Then the press will play nice.

Then the community boards will play nice.

Then the politicians will play nice.

Then the Manhattan/Brooklyn-centric preservation movement will play nice.

I have a bridge I want to sell you, too.

Anonymous said...

The lawsuit....."CECPP vs Bloomberg"....isn't a laughing the last poster has implied. It's a start.....better than tearing down every attempt at some progress!

Citizens' Emergency Committee To Preserve Preservation has e-mailed me that there should be more on the results in April regarding the lawsuit to force Bloomberg to replace the 9 LPC commissioners serving past their terms.

It may not be the perfect solution but a successful Article 78 proceeding, "Writ of Mandamus" begins to kick some mayoral ass instead of kissing it!

Anonymous said...

"Bumbling Bob" Tierney was appointed chair of LPC because he's a political brown-noser! I'll bet his little tin badge reads "Browny Bobby"!

Anonymous said...

Robert Tierney is a sellout, pure and simple. He has betrayed the people of NYC and his inaction in saving key landmarks will haunt him for the rest of his life.

Anonymous said...

"his inaction in saving key landmarks will haunt him for the rest of his life"

It would only haunt him if he cared. He doesn't.