Friday, February 23, 2007

The Real Deal

A blog called the Real Deal has a story about Citgroup's building frenzy in LIC.

Second skyscraper for LIC?

The small reddish building standing in the shadow of the second tower had been the tallest building in the area next to the original green glass tower just a year ago. Can you imagine how people living in that building must feel now having their sun and air blocked by a skyscraper?


Anonymous said...

I toured the neighborhood last a few years back, and admired the upscale tenement buildings that were adorned with ornate architecture. The same holds true with the brownstones and rowhouses on neighboring streets. I also appreciate some industrial buildings which are built behind a classic concept, contributing to the neighborhood's character.

The newer structures are unfit. At this rate, this section of Queens will be robbed of its historical integrity. For the residents of that small red gem, the city is saying "Move over little guy!" My message: "Protest any attempts of eviction or eminent domain." Make our public servants work on our behalf!

Anonymous said...

As much as I hate to admit that I have been to New Jersey, I recently drove through the Pavonia / Newport area of Jersey City. I find it to be the most depressing place on earth - with nearly 100% new highrise construction, it is a fake-feeling sterile office park that feels totally out of character for an urban area.

I fear this is where Long Island city is headed thanks to people like Citigroup and others who rip down structures with history and character to put up their glass garbage.

Anonymous said...

I've seen this area slowly disemboweled by the real estate mongers over the 7 year period that I've worked here. Architectural grace is vanishing.

The pictured landscape (if you can still call it that) resembles a bleak futuristic vista on a far distant planet inhabited by cold heartless lifeforms.

City Corp's glass towers seem poised like 2 ghostly spaceships that have just landed.

There will, unfortunately, be many more of these space aliens' vessels setting down over the next decade until what open space remains will be conquered.