Monday, February 26, 2007

Your Tax Dollars at Work, Continued

Isn't it nice to see the City Council show its concern over the health of its constituents and fight against the Department of Health's recent decision to force certain food establishments to provide calorie and fat information to their customers?

Council May Well Step Into Fight Over Fast Food

City Council May Change Menu Rule on Calories

Looks like the fast food lobby got to 'em.

Photo of NYC Councilman Joel Rivera of the Bronx from


Anonymous said...

Most City Council members are "fat cats" anyway....their wallets bursting with crooked kickbacks from developers!

Let them (especially Melinda Katz) trim their campaign contribution "calories" before they start sporting double chins that'll parallel their greediness!

Anonymous said...

Good work, Joel. I applaud you for working hard to undo good policies in order to be 'fair' to fast food companies- good way to earn your taxpayer funded six figures. Every second of time wasted on fluff like this takes away from working on real problems. But I guess this is an easier way to get your name in the paper, isn't it?

Are you hoping to get some extra cheese on your whopper for helping out the fast food fat cats?