Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Seaport makeover?

People think that because this blog is about Queens, that the Crapper hates Manhattan. The truth is that I love Manhattan and the other boroughs. I enjoy spending summer evenings at the South Street Seaport as much as the tourists do. It's therefore stressing to me that there is a proposal to replace Pier 17 with a tower:

Seaport may get dramatic makeover

Photo from AMNY


verdi said...

When you're sitting with your feet up on one of those deck chairs on the outdoor food court level of Pier 17 looking at the Brooklyn Bridge and the romantic, picturesque river traffic, it makes you feel that you're on a luxurious ocean liner.

It's the cheapest 4 star cruise you can get anywhere because it's free!

I've sat there with the summer breeze on my face many times sketching with a tall cup of iced coffee besides me.

It's great!

But now they're gonna f--k it all up! Curse them!

Nothing is for free anymore. Soon there will be a surcharge on the polluted air we breathe! We're already taxed for the water we drink!

Anonymous said...

Across the city, the people need to start to come together.

Ratnerville, Columbia U, NYU, the Queens machine, South Street, its all the same, people!

Hostile press. A preservation community inept, provincial, or worse, cut-throat.

Moses, a new god to worship.

We need a spirit, a new government from top to bottom.

Anonymous said...

South Street Seaport has been bogus project even Long before 9-11. In the 90's We would try to bring our small 28 foot boat close to let 1 passanger hop on to the floating dock platform to pickup food, hit Sharper Image. These creeps who were not even American would not let us.
Some Seaport, Ratner can have it !

Anonymous said...

Jesus, they can't leave anything alone, can they? Lets think big here - maybe we can just cover the East and Hudson Rivers with gigantic platforms so we can build on top of them.

Anonymous said...

Now it all makes sense !

A new residential "tower" and that "experimental" playground off Water St. for those yuppies' kids to play in. The perfect combo!

Wonder if LPC will approve both?

If Bloomberg squeezes Tierney's balls hard enough, he'll be sure to cry "uncle"!