Saturday, February 10, 2007

More of your tax dollars at work

Nice to see that yet another member of the city council is working hard on behalf of his constituents:

Fugitives' Sign Resurrected on Campus Center

Just a reminder: this guy gets paid $112,000 of our tax dollars per year to do stuff like this.

Photo from Gothamist


Anonymous said...

I like to see my tax money spent on wasteful pandering efforts, to every Tom-Dick-and-Harry group or cause, that has its hand out for city dollars.

Anonymous said...

While you are on it, perhaps he can explain all the displacement in Jamaica and the lack of misery from development in other (whiter and wealthier) parts of Queens.

Wonder how he will vote on that proposal?

Anonymous said...

"We are here to say to the City University that we have a right to self-determination, that we have a right to free speech, that we have a right to freedom of expression," Barron said. "We are saying that you can't determine who our heroines and heroes are going to be."

I like this! Perhaps Queens Crap can modify this and put it up on the front page.

Oh yes, it would be nice if Mr Barron would look into the controversial segregation of people in the Silvercup proposal (was this voted by city council, and if so, how did he vote?)

Anonymous said...

Just keep things simple, folks.

Just a discrete call to Helen Marshall to rid Queens of slave mistress Queen Catherine once and for all would earn him my vote.

Anonymous said...

Thank G-D for term limits. Having lost the races for mayor and congress, Councilman Barron will soon be looking for a new job! He's a two-time loser!

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you, but I'm getting sick and tired of pandering to "political correctness". All of the languages that we have to translate everything into (are you listening C.M.Liu?) are costing us taxpayers $$$$$$$$$ that could best be used elsewhere instead of soothing immigrant pride! Part of the dues you pay to become a resident, tough New Yorker, is taking a few "lumps" sometimes. It builds character! US Citizens are required to speak basic English. There are plenty of free or subsidized programs around for this purpose. Stop making excuses. If you do....your just damn lazy.