Monday, February 19, 2007

Building Big Boxes in Bayside

42-19 to 42-23 212th Street in Bayside - here we have demolition of a garage without a permit, site safety violations and work not conforming to approved plans. "NOTE: MEDICAL OFFICES ON THE FIRST FLOOR AND PART OF CELLAR, TOTAL 11 DWELLING UNITS ON THE 2ND THROUGH 5TH FLOOR AND IN THE OPEN SPACE PROVIDED 8 REQUIRED AND 4 PERMITTED PARKING SPACES." After this was approved, a revised plan was submitted to build a 6th story and 12th housing unit.

This is a gargantuan pile of Queens Crap!

And the fun doesn't end there. Next door is more crap, at 42-07, 42-11 and 42-15. The first 2 are 3-family buildings which took the place of 2 one family homes, while the last was supposed to be a 6-unit building, but - surprise! - inspectors discovered an illegal 7th unit in the cellar.


Anonymous said...

Well deserved! For over 20 years, Baysiders thought they were immune from this kind of crap and did nothing to nip the beginings of overdevelopment in the bud, when the surrounding communites tried to form an alliance to fight this. Welcome to the club you Northeasterners!

However, I do really sympathize with your plight and am fighting alongside you. I do wish you had gotten an earlier start.

The reason for my harsh criticism is to warn other communities who think that they're immune from these kind of "Bayside horrors" to wake up early in the game. Unity with communities that are next door to you, is key to defeating overdevelopment!

Anonymous said...

Naw, we need more of this in Bayside. Afterall, they have downzoned their area to push developement into the rest of Queens.

Once they are looking at 15 or 50 story towers, then perhaps we might get some real progress on downzoning the entire borough, not just the area where the politicially connected live.

Anonymous said...

It's srictly a matter of geography.

If Bayside were to be re-located along the eastern bank of the East River it would not contain all those uppity well connected folks to begin with. Thus, it would be developed to Hell!

The Bayside "Astoria/LIC" and rezone it for high density. Then, along with a new low density zoning for former "Astoria/LIC", all of the 'swells" will move there and demand that "Queens West" is out of context. They'll be sure, then, to get it torn down!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that really is a monstrosity. It does indeed resemble a pile of dog crap. Yuck!