Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Letter from a shoveler

There is plenty of blame to go around from City Planing down to the the voiceless, pennyless powerless, scapegoat Architects and Engineers; and the extinction of affordable housing for old and new Americians.

As I see it the real problem is the people who buy these homes. A roof and preferably four walls as cheap as possible is what's driving the market outside of Manhattan. If these buyers cared as much about the houses they own and live in as what to wear and what to do about parking their sixty three thousand dollar "Hummer" on the front concrete lawn there would be no need for this blog site.

Alas, America is renowned for bad taste, so sit on it and be proud. We should all thank God each and every day that the New York City building code prohibits trailer homes and most frame construction inside the 1950's designated nuclear fire storm district. Thank Heaven for the 'commie bastards.'

Perhaps a sister Queens blog site that promotes good housing projects and rewards buyers for having good taste when they pay a little more for something nice. A prize for the best garden in front yard in each Community Board. Or how about an annual propert tax credit based on the number of street trees you have and their realitive health and diameter. There are a million ways to pull together and make Queens better than ever; but craping on the crap just makes the pile bigger.

Yours truly
I shovel, do you?


Anonymous said...

My homeowner's association does give out prizes for the best looking front gardens each and every Spring to encourage every one to conserve green space.There are some homeowners, who beyond good taste, have paving- blocked a lot of driveway space and have erected illegal walls and fences. They are currently being sued for violating the deed restrictions which forbid these practices. A pat on the back for doing the right thing is always good to do. Having deed restrictions and a good lawyer is even better.

georgetheatheist said...

"You cannot go broke UNDERESTIMATING the intelligence of the American people." - H.L.Mencken

Anonymous said...

I think the beauty of this site is that it stands in complete contrast to the glassy-eyed drooling mentality encouraged in public discourse in Queens.

Like the Wizard of Oz, we are encouraged to lay down in a field of poppies! poppies! poppies!

The harsh reality is much different. The current talent running this borough has their own agenda, and the bottom line is that, unless something is done, and soon, Queens will lose its last bit of face and will become the but of jokes for a generation. Those David Letterman cabbie jokes are just a hint of what we are facing.

You want feel good? Get a Queensmark. Get an award from your politician for planting flowers.

For the rest of us, we will keep pounding away pointing out that, not only does the emperor have no clothes, but he is butt-assed ugly.

Anonymous said...

Right on George! Also, "A sucker is born every minute" I think this one's from P.T. Barnum. Planting Petunias is not going to make up for the stink-weeds that are running Queens' government! They sprout up everywhere.....from the Community Boards to the City Council! We better all get a lot more smarter in choosing our candidates. Let's stop being fools.