Monday, February 12, 2007

City commissioner working for lobbying group

By Harry Giannoulis, founding partner in the large lobbying firm, The Parkside Group, acting as a Commissioner on the Taxi & Limousine Commission, it clearly gives him (and Parkside) additional and unfair access to city officials:

Influence Peddlers

The mayor is on record as saying he would like to crack down on aggressive lobbying at City Hall. No lobbyist should sit on any city board or act in any official capacity that would give him or his company additional access or influence over elected or city officials.

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Anonymous said...

Just to go on record.....perhaps a letter should go to Bloomberg (certified mail & return receipt) demanding that he remove Harry from theT &L C because of his "Parkside" (darkside) connection. Then send copies to every media source and major citizen advocate groups.

Anonymous said...

Lets take a look at the shape of Toby's district and her positions on some issues.

I'm in the mood for some fun.

Anonymous said...

I understand that a lot of non-profits pay a hefty 'fee' to Parkside to get grants from the city.

Are there any financials on this organization, organization charts, and (ahem) promotional literature?

Anonymous said...

Flushing Council, in Flushing Town Hall, pays a fortune to Parkside. They also get a fortune in grant money. Any connection there? H-m-m-m!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever looked at Toby's shape! A reverse situation of the picture of Dorian Gray. The constant "politicing" over the years has certainly taken its toll on her. (She hasn't shown me her portrait yet). No, I'm certainly not saying that she's corrupt. That would be libelous. Besides, nobody's been indicted yet!

Anonymous said...

A Taxi & Limo Commish / Parkside Combo! We're sure to get taken for some ride! Hello, Evan, are you following all this?