Monday, February 26, 2007

Bayside Blight

212-01 42 Avenue, Bayside. This is one of those NYC scenes that makes you feel as though you are in a third world country. This was built in the early 1960s, but look at the shape it's in now.

I am sure the neighbors are quite pleased at being forced to look at ugly, rusty balconies filled with junk.

It almost looks as though a wall is missing - that you are looking at a cross-section of a building rather than the outside. I am not aware of anyplace else in Bayside that looks quite this bad.


Anonymous said...

Cut down the Sycamore trees add desert sand and shell holes and we could be looking at the suburbs of Bagdad or Beiruit!

Some fat ass ladie's "Bloomers" drying on the rail would fit in perferctly.

I do like the pierced carved vintage wooden screen from India, I believe, visable through one of the dilapidated windows.

Anonymous said...

If junkman Fred Sanford had lived in a high-rise, it probably would have looked like this. Acutally, his house looked a lot nicer than this ancient crap tower.

Elizabeth!!! I'm coming to you...

Anonymous said...

Here's a novel idea - since this is on a beautiful tree lined street, lets do some reverse overdevelopment - tear down the ugly apartment building and build some modest 1 and two family homes.

Anonymous said...

Hello dad ... I'm in jail!

This one is hopeless. absolutely no redeeming features. The only thing thing that could be uglier than the building may be the people living inside. Why does a terrace equate extra closet space in this city?