Monday, February 12, 2007

Free Ride?

Someone has been making the point that, "If New Yorkers don't pay a fee to use the police and fire departments, they should not have to pay to use the city's mass transit system."

Idea of Making Subways Free Advanced by Theodore Kheel

You mean we'd get to hop aboard that urine-soaked subway car for nothing?

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Anonymous said...

Let's demand that the city planning take a moment from sheparding all those developer projects through the system (at public taxpayer's time and expense) and do a study on the impact of a million new people on mass transit.

Then let's figure out the cost, and tack on a surcharge of every development project so the developers, not the public, shells out the cash for infrastructure costs.

Then can they determine the bottom line on their little schemes.

Anonymous said...

How about going through the list, schools, hospitals, garbage pickup, police, Con Ed and hitting the developers with all those costs.

A charge here, a fee there, a permit over there, well, soon they might have to delay their third Caribbean home a few months or so.

So politicians, so editorial writers, so community board chairs, here is a proposal, go ahead and run with it.

Hey Columbia students? Pratt Institute, you listening? And of course, that paradigm of urban planning, Hunter, you there?

Why don’t you use your considerable resources and help the public for a change?

Anonymous said...

Actually, I do know of some instances where madams of whore houses (particularly in Flushing and maybe Corona) pay off the cops to keep theier businesses free from vice raids while their 3rd world customers indulge themselves in the various pleasures offered by their establishments! The costs for treatment of any diseases which are contracted or spread will, of course, be passed onto the taxpayers of NYC.

Anonymous said...

There are already surcharges in effect for all the new development projects in NYC that drain all of our resources. They're called "tax increases". Only, we are the ones that get to pay them. The developers get a bonus in the way of TAX ABATEMENTS! That's only fair according to Bloomberg, it seems. After all, the "little guy in his little house" should be the one who subsidizes all of the mega-building that benefits his wealthy compatriots! Once again, the rich get richer and the poor get screwed. It ain'tabout to change!