Thursday, February 15, 2007

A "pioneering bunch"

Today's Daily News has one of those real estate ads posing as an article:

Views, check - but parking? Not yet

According to McMillan, 50% of the EastCoast renters come from Manhattan, another 30% from outside the tristate area and the remaining 20% are from other parts of the metro area. (That means 100% of them come from places other than LIC. And that's just how the city wants it.)


Anonymous said...

Bertrand is an asshole. He rarely writes an article that's either inclusive or accurate! This "puff-piece" for Rockrose is a "doozy" though! I guess he'll retire as a public relations writer for Rock Rose!

Anonymous said...

Oh this guy is a hack for the developers.

Went to a public seminar that a local grass roots group put together a few years ago on landmarking a community. After listening to a panel of experts saying why it was good, afterwards did he want to talk to them?

Naw! He was talking to one of those ignorant 'this home is my castle, development is good, and I don't see any problems with what developers are doing to my neighborhood' types which or course, got half of the article the next day.

We got your number buster!

Anonymous said...

I publicly challenge the ‘Daily News’ to put the ‘New York’ back in their headline and interview the people of Hunters Point, no not a carefully vetted unrepresented group, but those with the blank walls in their back yard from new development, the cracked ceilings from the construction jack hammers, those whose way of life is being swept away, and contrast them with the life styles of the rich and famous developers who are doing this to them.


Anonymous said...

Rockrose is such scum.

They're not selling the $5000 penthouses because there's no parking. Who's fault is that? it's a wonder these people are business when they can't do simple math: 1800 parking spots minus 3000 units equals how many units without spots? And dont' forget to figure intot the equation the renters who don't want to PAY for the parking so they park on my block, in MY DRIVEWAY.

Oh, and I can't wait to see the supermarket and Duane Reade they've been promising for the past 10 years now.


Anonymous said...

Someone should tell him that that sold out is not the correct term for a rental building.

Anonymous said...

I am getting confused. How is it that a newspaper that has such a reputation for being liberal be rabidly prodevelopment?

Any social program by the Republicans, and the News is all over them. Anything about the war, or anything else in Bush's foreign policy, and the News will be panning it.

Yes, its nice to rant about foreign policy, or innane social policy, but what about the nasty stuff developers are doing in my backyard or a few inches from by side window?

So I ask you Bertrand, when did you forget about the little guy?

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the Village Voice. What the hell is going on here with these papers?

Are they so desperate for money they are selling out to their advertisers and risk building a credibility gap with the public?

Well then, go blogs go! The faster we put these squirrelly bastards out of business the better for all concerned.

Anonymous said...

I remember the good old days when the press kept everyone honest. Investigative journalism was well respected. At least I have my memories.