Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Big Bland Box

157-51 89th Street, Howard Beach. QC understands that McMansions are the rule rather than the exception in this part of the borough, but this thing looks like some sort of detention facility. What is with the obsession of some people to pave over every inch of their property with concrete?

Total Gross Area of Building: 5,304 Sq. Ft!


Anonymous said...

Wadda ya expect. This is Howard Beach....

Some (better make that a lot) of Italians worship CONCRETE & CEMENT. It's sort of a religion. There's probably a patron saint for the stuff (cast in cement, of course)!

Cement front lawns.....uh.... let's not forget, cement overshoes and those various deities (and Flamingo) statues.

But this is a modern interpretation. Big, boxy and dull but durable ....e duro! No San Roccos, BVMs, San Giuseppes here. That's old school. I must confess, I was raised with that and sort of miss all that stuff.....the warmth and character....along with the tar paper covered Fig trees in the Winter!

Hey, to each his own!

Unknown said...

Yes Italians love concrete, but we also love back yards, which this has.

Whats better than increasing the square footage of the living area (this design and materials are not that bad) and keeping the open property in a private area behind the house?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but FORM FOLLOWS UGLINESS in this case!

YThis ain't a "classy joint"!