Tuesday, February 27, 2007

In charge of permits, but doesn't bother to get one

If you want a good dose of hypocrisy, read about the buildings commissioner on Long Island charged with failure to file his own renovations!


Anonymous said...

DOBs are DOBs no matter where they're located.

Most of their commisioners have questionable pedigrees when it comes to following the law.

I'm not surprised1 at this!

Anonymous said...

John Loeffel goes down in the history books as another hypocrite in the DOB. His actions are equivalent to burning the wick at both ends. What a jerk! He's doing the right thing by agreeing to resign, but is also admitting he's a failure.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it just have been easier for the Loeffels to submit a video to Extreme Home Makeover, Saying & Crying, a bunch of Deformed Retards live at 10 Knoll Lane, Levittown! Than to say the least, it would have been built to code and it would have had the proper permits! Ty are you listening! What an idiot!