Thursday, February 15, 2007

Master chef

The Crapper has been contacted thus far by three individuals who were signed up for John Liu's Google Group by the moderator with neither their knowledge nor consent.

The welcome e-mail reads: has added you to the JohnLiuNYCCouncil group with this message:

Welcome to the Office of Council Member John C. Liu. Thank you for contacting us and joining our network of friends and citizen activists. This email list is designed to help you stay updated on the latest news and activities at City Hall. Together we can create a better New York!

Here is the group's description:

========================================== provides you with news and updates from New York City Council Member John Liu.

----------------------- Google Groups Information ----------------------

The owner of the group has set your subscription type as "Email", meaning that you'll receive a copy of every message posted to the group as they are posted.

Johnny, if people want spam from you, they'll sign up for it themselves, ok? Most people just want to be left alone.

The Crapper advises those targeted to click on the link in the welcome e-mail that says, "report abuse," and then the link that says "unsubscribe."


Anonymous said...

John Liu is always busy pushing his "product", which in this case, you have so wonderfully depicted. We've had to scrape it off our feet too many damn times in his Flushing district. You forgot, however, to indicate the Stavisky Packing Company on the can! Keep up the great work "Queens Crap".

P.S. I hope you like this one C.M. Liu. How's your blood pressure? Don't bother putting me on your list!

Anonymous said...

I get his junk mail all the time. Yesterday he was sooooo unhappy about the bus scheduling mixup.

Nothing about the fact that once kids get to the schools their education is not good since they have to go to classes in shifts because yo-yos are always bringing in more buildings and ignoring the inconvient details like infrastructure.

But getting a headline is more important then doing something of substance: it gives the public the perception that something is getting done.

Anonymous said...

Wow, looks like someone doesn't know how to use the "unsuscribe" link.

I am sure that Queens Crapper means to discredit Liu. But the more he posts about Liu, the more publicity Liu gets.

I'm sure that the Liu group is secretly thanking Queens Crapper. Heck, they might be one and the same!

Anonymous said...

What do you mean, "someone doesn't know how to use the 'unsubscribe' link?" They wouldn't have to use the unsubscribe link if Johnny boy hadn't signed them up against their wishes in the first place!

Anonymous said...

John Liu needs publicity from this site like Bush needs Cindy Sheehan camped out in his front lawn. Both are creatures of their repsective machines, and the flaws of both stem from the same dynamics.

The only difference is Bush gets criticism from some segments of the media, and Liu is exempt from any criticism.

Unitl now.

Anonymous said...

"I am sure that Queens Crapper means to discredit Liu. But the more he posts about Liu, the more publicity Liu gets"

Liu doesn't need Queens Crap or anyone else to discredit him. He does a fine job of that every time he opens his mouth.

Anonymous said...

Queens Crap is doing a fabulous job informing its readers what a lousy councilman John Liu really is!

If telling the truth is interpreted by some as criticism, then so be it!

Lawyers are often called "ambulance chasers". Liu is little more than a headline chaser. That, to me, is a very poor substitute for him doing his job!

In fact he was recently cited as putting out the most press releases of any legislator!

Anonymous said...

I saved a John Liu appearance on CNN several weeks ago. I have discovered a new side to this amazing "Jerk Of All Trades". The topic of his expertise during this appearance was the enlarging of the eyes of women in China for cosmetic purposes. Exactly what does that have to do with racial tolerance in the United States? Has he opened his eyes to all of the racial improprieties in his own council district? I think not!!!