Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Extolling Civic Virtue

Two NYers from outside our borough wrote to the NY Times to denounce the city's neglect of the Civic Virtue statue:

A Statue in Queens, Noted for Neglect

Photo from Bridge and Tunnel Club


Anonymous said...

We do have a total neglect of civic virtue (and I don't mean the statue)!

Anonymous said...

The subject matter doesn't look that bad to me - but regardless of anyone's opinion on that issue, you can't just leave something to rot like that. It makes the borough look like a complete joke. I guess that's what Helen wants.

Anonymous said...

A reminder to the "historical preservation group" that meets monthly at Q. Boro Hall. Why aren't you taking up this issue of stabilizing and restoring the statue of "Civic Virtue" with Beep Marshal? What are you waiting for an engraved invitation? Do something!

Anonymous said...

Naw, that group is busy making lists, and writing letters, and wringing their hands, and awaiting for the city-wide preservation community to call them up from the minor leagues to represent Queens at preservation conferences.

Anonymous said...

Everything in the borough is going to hell and falling apart.

There is no pride.

There is no thought.

Just a bunch of photo ops with everyone joylessly singing the same tired refrain.

Queens needs a change from top to bottom.

Anonymous said...

I was an attendee of the Queens Historical Society's Pres. Stanley Cogan's stepping down ceremony in October 2005. I kept a close eye on Helen Marshall's behavior. She strolled in halfway through the reception, interrupted the routine, and posed for the press and then exited. This was as if to say... "Look, I give a damn about our borough's history, and now I'm making history!"

Our honorable Chairman Robert Tierney of the Landmarks Commission made a surprise appearance at the tail end. When approached by preservationists, he made false promises (as usual).

Whether it be Marshall, Tierney, or Katz, this is another act in attempting to conceal their public duties. We know them well!

Thank you Queens Crap for providing a voice that's most often not documented in the "weak-lies."

Anonymous said...

I like the breaking of the alternate descriptive term "weak-lies". After all, the weekly newspapers usually put out WEAK LIES !

Bravo! That's good.

Anonymous said...

Those of you who have taken the time to express your indignation about the sorry state of the Civic Virtue statue, please write to Borough President Marshall (and Commissioner of Parks Benepe) and demand that they do something! Lack of political will from the community has been cited as one reason why nothing has happened. Local residents can play a crucial role by insisting in writing that the Borough President "can't just leave something to rot like that" [as one commentator here aptly noted]. "It makes the borough look like a complete joke." Individuals should say something, and also demand a response.

Rego-Forester said...

Civic Virtue does not depict a nude man standing over 2 women. The figures are an allegorical representation of Greek mythology. Hercules stands over but not on top of 2 female sirens symbolizing vice and corruption, which Civic Virtue denounces in society. Some politicians cannot bear passing it en route to Borough Hall. Just examine the track record of those who had to step down in recent years due to their shattered oath not long after being elected to public office. This is a peaceful statue designed by the world-known Frederick MacMonnies, who was the last major American Beaux Art sculptor. Civic Virtue is public art that belongs to & in Queens. On behalf of the citizens of Queens who wish to secure its future where it has sat for 71 years, it is unethical behavior by Department of Citywide Administrative Services, the NYC Design Commission, and select "public servants" to concoct a deal to transport Civic Virtue to the privately-owned Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn. This was not agreed upon by the Queens constituency. We pay our fair share of taxes. Join http://www.triumphofcivicvirtue.org