Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Pile of Brooklyn crap named after Queens town

What luxury!

The Maspeth

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Anonymous said...

The only thing missing are the prison bars on the windows! Is this a maximum or minimum security correctional facility?

Anonymous said...

As someone stated earlier, Queens used to be the byword for the latest in smart urban planning and innovative housing (at all income levels) and communities.

Today, it is the symbol of bad taste. So it you want to build barracks, and want to attract the 'right' type of investors, give it a Queens connection. Everyone 'understands' what you mean.

We have our leadership to thank for that!

Anonymous said...

"The only thing missing are the prison bars on the windows"

Or how about a Motel sign hanging over the door - complete with hourly rates? And maybe some 16 wheelers parked out front?

Whoever designed this eyesore must have flunked out of architecture school.

Anonymous said...

Yeah....the motel sign could read, "HUMP IN A DUMP"!