Saturday, February 17, 2007

Dan "the Man"

Ah yes. Now the rehabilitation of Robert Moses' image makes total sense. We have his clone in our midst determining our future. And he doesn't want to have a book like The Power Broker written about him.

Modern-Day Robert Moses

Q: Can you name, say, your top two priorities for the next three years?

A: I don’t have top priorities. Certainly the development of Ground Zero and downtown and its progress; Hudson Yards would also be on that list. ...Willets Point, Long Island (City), Queens West. The Brooklyn waterfront is enormously important to us. In Jamaica, we are about to certify the largest rezoning in the city’s history.

When you're done with that, head over to for more from Dan, aka "the Man."

Photo from NY Observer


Anonymous said...

Doctoroff is a jerkoff.

Anonymous said...

I challenge Doctoroff to put his family in those marginal areas he wants developed: brownfields, flood zones, next door to power plants.

I challenge Doctoroff to alight from his gilded coach and meet with those people his conspiracies are displacing, whose communities are getting destroyed, whose way of life he is consigning to the history books.

I challenge Doctoroff to tell the voters and taxpayers of New York why he, as one person, should impose his values on our entire city of eight million.

I challenge Doctoroff to tell us when his grandiose plans smacks into the ‘Russian winter’, as all such wild-eyed schemes always do, how is fate will be different from all the other 'visionaries' that went before him.

Anonymous said...

More and more communities are seeking downzoning giving Doctoroff a smaller and smaller part of the city to work with.

From the West Side Stadium to the 2008 Olympics, this guy has a string of disasters behind him.

He is no Robert Moses.

Anonymous said...

Maybe slayer "Buffy " should have driven a wooden stake through Robert Moses' heart (if he had one). Doctoroff is his reincarnation!

Anonymous said...

Let us not forget the rape of the north Queens communities that will be impacted by the expansion of the New York Times printing plant. The fact that he and his cohorts tried to hide the construction is despicable. He is certainly not an honorable man. When I see his picture it reminds me of this used car salesman who...

Anonymous said...

Dan & Mike....the perfect vaudeville neighborhood destruction team!

Anonymous said...

Hey, who's going to be putting up a billboard on the blank side wall of this house?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, folks. The last post was meant for the "Commonwealth" post.