Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mad as hell and not taking it anymore

Whoa, there's quite a feisty bunch in southeastern Queens!

Future demonstrations on Grays’ agenda include one outside Deputy Mayor Dennis Walcott’s home in Southeast Queens, and one outside the Department of City Planning’s Queens office. “We’ve had it from these individuals who are hiding and ducking from us and not taking care of business,” he said.

Demonstrators Continue Overdevelopment Battle

Residents protest overdevelopment


Watch out, city planning, there may be a countywide turnout at a demonstration coming soon to a borough hall near you!

Photo from Queens Chronicle.


Anonymous said...

What are they doing there!! They should be writing letters and sending emails and praying and do all those things that the preservation leadership in Queens (that, is, the ones the Manhattan preservation community has set over us) has suggested we do.

What work!! What raise our voice!!!

Well I tell you ... we will teach them a lesson ... we ... we just will have nothing to do with them .. that's what we will do!

They will learn!!!

Anonymous said...

Who are these people? Are anyone of them on the board of a certain city wide preservation group? Any other group of like minded official 'professionals?'

Do they have a position of the most pressing issue in preservation today, of the LPC commmissioner selection process?

NO? Then we can ignore them! They are not important.


Anonymous said...

That's the way to go citizens! Show your teeth. Forget all those usless letter writing tactics. Politeness will get you just another kick in the ass by our arrogant imperial mayor!

All of you bloodless historic preservationists should be taking a lesson from all this and take your fight to Bloomberg's townhouse if that's what it takes!

Bravo and good luck to you people with spirit!

Anonymous said...

H-m-m-m, I see an ACORN banner in the photo.

I hope that ACORN doesn't sell out the area with the kind of "compromises" they negotiated in the Atlantic Yards project in Brooklyn!

Anonymous said...

You have the right to picket in front of Mayor Bloomberg's "landmarked" townhouse at 17 East 79th St (off 5th Ave). Also take your movement to the steps of City Hall. Let a pro-preservation councilmember i.e. Tony Avella, verify the permits/security issue, since City Hall has tough regulations. He has organized press conferences and rallies at the site before. Repeat these 2 types of protests often, and don't waste any time with people who pretend to care about preservation. Be proactive, and gather up hugh amounts of supporters. Make sure each writes a letter as well, and make it as personal as you wish. Be original!!! We the people...!

Anonymous said...

I'm for the repeated Bloomberg's townhouse protests.

City Hall rallys are fast becoming just social events and are holding less weight than they have in the past.

Take it to the Mayor's doorstep!

Anonymous said...

Picketing is the right approach. Letters and 311 calls do not work.
I have a stack of letters with return receipts and no answers.