Friday, February 16, 2007

Deal or no deal?

The Queens Tribune reports on the problems with the municipal lot plan in Flushing:

Muni Lot Plan ‘Dead’ If Plans Are Changed

From the Times Ledger:

Liu decries changes to Municipal Lot 1 plans

Trib's Editorial:

A Deal Is A Deal

Photo from Queens Tribune


Anonymous said...

Lets see:

1. We open the gates to massive development with a nice plan with a few bones for the public.

2. At the last minute, the developer backs out as they believe they can not only kill the cow, but suck out the morrow.

3. For public consumption, there is a big hew and cry from the politicians (who are never going back to zero but needs to thow a bone to the public)

4. A 'compromise' is put into place (in other words, the developer gives back 10% of the 80% they took)

5. The newspapers trumpet the great victory that our intrepid politicians have worked out for the community.

6. The public doesn't buy it (whoops, made a mistake here - Queens Crap is not big enough ... yet!)

Anonymous said...

So now Toby "the troll" Stavisky, Johnny "never on the spot" Liu and the newly elected machine stooge Ms. Young are pissed off at TDC stiffing them on the development plans for Muni Lot #1!

You politicos are the very guys who have been responsible for selling out the community to rapacious developers like TDC all along! Now, enjoy the taste of your own medicine. TDC has screwed you! I'm afraid that nothing can improve Flushing anymore. It's already down the toilet!

If Stavisky & Co. had truly worked for and had been invollved with the community they're supposed to represent, instead of being so busy taking campaign contributions from developers like TDC, it might have been a different story!

Let the project die. Nobody really needs it but TDC. Zeckendorf proposed a similar project for Muni Lot #1 years back which was also dropped because the community opposed it successfully!

By the way, the undergroung parking, in the currently proposed project, is bound to be unsuccessful. Studies have shown that underground parking is not liked by female shoppers.

Anonymous said...

Where does Myra Baird Herce (a throwback to the Donald Manes days) stand on all this? I believe she's a director or something, of the Flushing Chamber of Commerce/Bussiness Association? Whatever???

She's had more than her fair share to say about everything all of these years! (By the way, she was the one who wanted to see the green parkspace malls in the middle of Northern Blvd. torn up for parking....about 20 to 30 years back).

Why is she still around wielding so much quiet power??? She used to be a 'heavy duty" on CB#7 and the old & defunct Downtown Flushing Development Corp..... 25 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Flushing needs a bus terminal, not more development. It has needed a terminal since the 50s.

The community is already bursting at the seams and is at the point of collapse.

Maybe some newspaper can do a story on its crowded (certainly dangerous) conditions.

Anonymous said...

Add this to your "dangerous highlights" list: On the early morning news it was just announced that somebody was stabbed after leaving a Lunar New Year's party near Elder Ave. Flushing (near Queens Botanical Gardens?) ! Gee, I thought that the Asians were supposed to "save" Flushing not add to its woes!

We had far less crime (including fatalities) and overcrowding before the downtown area got choked up with all of this ill planned overdevelopment!

LeeBee said...

I'd like to further discuss this idea of a bus terminal in Flushing, as well as the problem of overcrowding.

Whoever has comments on this topic and would like to speak with me directly about it, please e-mail or call me.

Thank you,
Lee Landor
(718) 357-7400, ext. 127

Anonymous said...

Hey, C.M. Liu, are you following all this? Dump the TDC project all together! That's what the community really wants if you had your ears open. A bus terminal is a great idea. We used to have one on the current site of Macy's (although it was outdoors).