Wednesday, February 14, 2007

LPC Approves Experimental Playground

February 14, 2007

An experimental playground planned for Burling Slip near the South Street Seaport took a step closer to fruition yesterday with unanimous approval by the Landmarks Preservation Commission. At the commission’s request, designers at the Rockwell Group, which is developing the playground with the City Parks and Recreation Department, made changes meant to integrate the contemporary structure into the historic seaport district, including replacing a chain link fence with one of wrought iron, lowering a ramp and removing parking spots. The project needs approval from the State Historic Preservation Office before construction can begin.

Not much needed to be changed before LPC approved of this nonsense. The SHPO is sure to follow suit. These two agencies certainly seem to have their priorities in order: Allow St. Saviour's to remain unprotected but make sure playground for yuppie spawn gets built.


Anonymous said...

Lets see if our politicians will make a stink about how unfair this is, on second guess, they will get their programs to compensate for this.

Lets see, something useful, how about teaching Chinese to the folks at Blaine Houses. After all, this is Queens, and that is the sort of thing that Queens people think is needed, right?

Manhattan gets something useful to make it pretty, and we get tired political laden agendas.

Anonymous said...

LPC approves a yuppie playground and postpones decisions (that have been on hold for 25 years) on the Sohmer Piano factory in Queens! Let's start moves to overturn the Landmarks Law. In our borough, we don't have one anyway. Then, we'll let those Manhattan snobs deal with the taste of their own debacle of destruction that we've been experiencing here in Queens for countless years!

Yeah, I'm bitter! And I don't believe in any more of the "preservation" community's sugar pills! Most of them are just a buch of anemic outcasts that mildly squeek when they should be boldly roaring!

Only the threat of dismantling the LPC will make over-fed trolls like Mary Beth Betts, or "Bumbling Bob" Tierney take notice of the borough of Queens!