Saturday, February 17, 2007

Common Crap on Commonwealth

A developer called O'Leary Brothers bought this narrow piece of property from the LIRR. The address is 87-33 Commonwealth Blvd.

This very same developer built this ugly "2 family house" (notice the downstairs windows, just screaming out cellar apartment?) and placed part of it on someone else's property by almost five feet.

The house was sold as is. Now the new owner is finding out why she cannot place any windows on the sunny side.

The south side of the building, with the long expanses of vinyl siding, doesn't have any windows, 'cause another building's probably going to go up right next to it. That's also the side that was built past the property line.



Anonymous said...

Where is the community board?

Where is the politicians?

Where is the newspapers?

Anonymous said...

This ain't intended for the "lace curtain" crowd to live in. It's strictly "shanty". So, it appears, are the builders! You've got to be leary of of this type of "development"! I'll bet the cost of these" narrow escapes" will be "grand" also! Say a1/2 K and up?

Anonymous said...

The answer to the first poster is.....they're ALL IN CAHOOTS with each other (and maybe the builder)!

The CBs are not your "entre into govt." They're a useless sham that have been set up to give constituents the illusion of having a say in the affairs of their own communities! Opiates of the people!

The politicos represent nobody but themselves! And the newspapers are only good for house-breaking a new puppy!

georgetheatheist said...

You can cover anything with beautiful vinyl siding...I recently sided my grandmother with it - she's the hit of her senior center!

Anonymous said...

I live down the block from this two family home. In the last two years the new owners have done quite a few renovations. This house has come to stand out on Commonwealh Blvd as a good investment.