Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Rockaway Fire Sale

The city seems set on selling a former firehouse in the Rockaways to the highest bidder, rather than listening to the wishes of the people who live there who want it turned it into a community center:

Arverne 'fire sale' stalled

Photo from the Wave, who did a story on this in December:

Old Firehouse Up For Grabs. Got Any Ideas?

At least the city replaced this firehouse rather than simply closing it.


Anonymous said...

If the city insists on closing its badly needed firehouses, they should, at least, be returned to some sort of community re-use!

Anonymous said...

What a concept! Listening to the community and implementing their decision.

But, this arrogant mayor cannot - no, will not - lower himself to listen to taxpayers.

The taxpayer is just a "little person" who needs to be told what to do by this mayor, who is a far better "valuable person" than people stupid enough to not be elected.

It may just be possible that when enough "little people" write to this mayor, making their demands known, some good change will occur.

You'll never know, however, if you don't write!

Anonymous said...

Look at the genious behind Dutch Kills Civic: the city closed a fire house and they went ahead and massively upzoned!

Did they get their hands slapped? Naw, the politicans can't fit enough bodies on the podium everytime their president stands up and repeats all the prodevelopment rant he has been programmed.

Hell, I bet a local poltiician even funded a wine tasteing junket.

Good dog! Good dog! Good dog! Here is a treat!