Sunday, February 25, 2007

Forgotten Woodhaven

Forgotten-NY's latest page is about the town of Woodhaven.

Forgotten-NY: Woodhaven


verdi said...

I knew of Dexter Park but didn't know all of those top baseball stares played there. Wow!

I also rode with (and grabbed a photo) of Mayor Koch , the day the Muller Carousel, in Forset Park, was re-dedicated some years ago.

And, how many landmarks have been designated in deserving Woodhaven by LPC? I thought so....damn few. Those lazy bastards!

Anonymous said...

Looking for people who remember "Benny's" in Woodhaven around 1960.... searching for 2 guys I knew.

Unknown said...

The picture of the LaLance and Grossgene Clock Tower was taken about twenty feet from the house I grew up in at 91-62 91st St. Lots of memories about those factories, I saw a comment about a Mike looking for a couple of guys that used to hang at Benny's in 1960. Where was Bennys in 1960?

Unknown said...

Where was Benny's in 1960 Woodhaven?