Friday, February 9, 2007

Douglaston fights for a park

Unlike Community Board 5, where the chairman is working in cahoots with the area's councilman and a developer to destroy an historic piece of property, Councilman Tony Avella and Community Board 11 are working together to save a piece of land for use as a park in Douglaston:

Doug vacant lot should be converted to park: CB 11


Anonymous said...

Is this the same guy that voted for LIC to lose its waterfront to developers, now he wants a park for his neighborhood?

Don't come campaigning in Astoria if you are running for mayor.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! That's the same guy! In Northeast Queens there's one set of rules for the privileged neighborhoods. For the rest of our unfortunate borough, there seems to be another set! Now, let's see how quick it takes for all those influential Douglaston folks to get their park.

Anonymous said...

Are these people serious? Lack of open space? Church goers taking up too much parking?

The City should clamor to hold onto as much open space as possible, but this lot is a block away from 7+ acres of a grassy wooded patch of waterfront that runs alongside Little Neck Bay!

What was even more mortifying to read was that the Church goers are being harassed for taking up parking spaces... the Pope doesn’t hold services here folks, we’re not talking record-breaking crowds. Does anyone have any idea what the parking situation is in this neighborhood on any given weekday with the LIRR station up the block?

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the reasoning for a day care center in the area when in the Community Church right next door to the property is a Universal Pre-K.
Yes the park behind PS 98 is closed to the Community and Senator Frank Padavan has not tried to get it opened in fact he helped to let it stay closed to the community.
I don't understand why every open parcel of land needs to be paved over.As for Tony Avela once a snake always a snake no matter what neighborhood he is destroying.