Saturday, February 10, 2007

Pepsi Sign Annoys Newcomers

It's interesting that the NY Times chose to do a story about how 2 bachelors are offended about living in an apartment behind the Pepsi sign in LIC (you mean you didn't notice it before you signed on the dotted line?) but neglected to do a story about how the people who live in the shadow of the shiny new towers feel:

A Bachelor Pad With a View: A Giant Bottle Cap

QC supposes that when the Times wants to highlight a massive new development, they start a "journal" about the neighborhood so the developer will take out ads in their paper.

Photo from NY Times


Anonymous said...

I guess that Rockrose failed to disclose the fact that the Pepsi sign, which they (surprisingly) chose to retain in their project, was going to interfear with the 2 "bachelors" New York skyline view. They'll just have to learn to co-habitate with that American advertising icon. Isn't life hard!

Anonymous said...

Get used to it folks. It will take no rocket scientist to know that the Manhattan crowd (that are moving into Queens West) are more important than the long term residents that they are kicking, yes, kicking out.

The petition for the Hackett Building went nowhere because it was from the community that everyone has taken steps to silence (if you disappear from view, no one will hear your whimper when they actually apply the coup de grace to your neighborhood).

For these new comers on the other hand, front and center. They are our future, eh?

Anonymous said...

I agree. Manhattan ex-patriots, who are about to take over your neighborhood, have all the brain power, the money power , the orgainizational power, and the understanding of media coverage to beat your asses into the ground! You are going to be kicked out. Choose what epitaph you want on your community's gravestone now, or put up the best f---ing fight that you've ever put up in your lifetime! Don't lie down!

Anonymous said...

Those 2 "bachelors" should have spent more money and bought an apartment on a higher floor. Unless they were foreign investors who bought, sight unseen, from a pre-construction building plan. A fine pig-in-a-poke joke on those fellas! Don't you love to see the well-off get taken?