Friday, February 9, 2007

Eric's always thinking of his friends

“The Brooklyn- Queens waterfront has the potential to be New York’s Gold Coast, with sparkling towers, schools, parks and libraries,” said Eric Gioia, a City Council member whose Queens district abuts the creek. “Cleaning Newtown Creek is critical to that vision.”

New York Moves Toward Suit Over a 50-Year-Old Oil Spill

Why towers, Eric?

Photo from NY Times


Anonymous said...

Because towers make people a lot of money. Eric wants those people to like him. That means more money for Eric. More money means higher office. Higher office means bigger ego.

But I didn't really need to explain this to anyone, did I?

Anonymous said...

Remember the biblical tower of Babel? These are Gioia's towers of babble! You can kiss ass from the ground floor Eric! You don't need a high-rise to reach that!

Anonymous said...

"New York’s Gold Coast, with sparkling towers, schools, parks and libraries."

Time line:

New Towers - yesterday

Schools - 20 years from now (overcrowded 21 years from now)

Libraries - 30 years from now (but only if they take a playgound from that new school)

Parks - ha ha ha ha ('public access' - go back to 'towers' above)

Anonymous said...


Schools - 20 years from now (overcrowded 15 years from now)