Friday, February 9, 2007

The Jamaica Plan

Hey everyone,

Isn't it great that the city is working overtime to upzone Hillside Avenue to the detriment of the communities who have been waiting for years to be downzoned?

Jamaica rezone plan unveiled

This is supposedly "a train wreck before it even leaves the station," but is getting the full attention of City Planners. Thank you Mayor Bloomberg for prioritizing.


Anonymous said...

Interesting how a poorer area (read minority) like Jamaica is getting more congestion, while a wealthier area (read whiter) like Douglaston is getting downzoned.

When is a civic leader from Jamaica be ready to step forward and demand this burden be shared equally by everyone in Queens?

Anonymous said...

The city seems interested in putting up a high-rise wall between the 2 different socioeceonomic groups that make up Jamaica. Do I have to point out the Black and White of it folks, to make it any clearer?

Anonymous said...

Ask Floyd Flake (of Allen Church) about this!