Thursday, February 8, 2007

Crappy's Unhappy

There's a war going on over at Crappy's place of birth:

Flush boss out of park, sez World's Fair group

Crappy would be happy to do the honors!


Anonymous said...

Estelle a hack?

She has been in that position for years, covered lovingly by the local press, and photos always with lots of politicians.

Queens - long tenure - favorable press - a bevy of smiling politicians - and her responsibility in a state of decay.

This may be a familiar routine in Queens, but our Estelle?

How can Oats be so unkind.

Anonymous said...

Maybe because Oats is placing 'Queens' ahead of 'Cronies.'

How refreshing.

How subvervive.

Of course, he can forget about bringing back the Remonstance, now.

He can climb to the top of a flagpole nude in Flushing Meadows and hoot at incoming planes. The press will no longer cover anything he says or does.

He made the cardinal sin in Queens. He publicly attacked one of their own.

Anonymous said...

"There is not the slightest consideration of removing her," Benepe said. "She's done a wonderful job."

This reminds me of "stay the course" and "mission accomplished."

Anonymous said...

What personal attacks? The woman obviously is incompetent, along with her bosses, Dorothy Lewandowski and Adrian Benepe. They always say the sky is blue when it's raining and frequently ignore the voices of the people who pay their salaries.

Anonymous said...

Both Benepe and Cooper need to be dumped! Let them both park" their asses somewhere else, but please, not at taxpayers expense!

Anonymous said...

Fair is fair. To tell you the truth, Cooper is a hack and Benepe is sitting in a patronage job he's well suited to.....being a yes man! But Oates, aside from being an advocate and collector of all things Worlds Fair, could have done much more earlier about all this .....about 25 years earlier. Sorry David.

Anonymous said...

Why is the person that I normally have great respect for, Pat Dolan, kissing Cooper's ass? Estelle is an unqualifed "geek" holding a patronage job!

Anonymous said...

I think David Oats may be job hunting.

They will find something for him, and why not?

Credit should be given to anyone who calls the public's attention to improve things.

Anonymous said...

Oh I agree that Oats deserves credit for exposing those lethargic patronage-job Dinosaurs! I think, however, that people like Ben Haber, a long time advocate for the park, deserve the greatest accolades! Where was Oats on all the park issues when he was the Tribune editor? I know. He was trying to keep his job. Sorry again David.