Monday, April 1, 2013

Vallone confused over who determines budget


"We just vote as council members for a generalized budget. The mayor spends it the way he spends it. We can't tell people where to spend it."


From the NYC Council website:

The budget is the centerpiece of policymaking in government. Through the budget, the Council establishes priorities, allocates resources and sets the policy agenda for the year. It is the single most important municipal document that affects the lives of New Yorkers. While the mayor proposes the city's spending priorities for the upcoming year, the Council has final budget approval powers. During the budget process, the Council may change budget priorities and add special "terms and conditions" requiring city agencies to report to the Council on how specific monies are being spent throughout the year.

Sounds like someone doesn't understand the "checks and balances" concept of government. And he is the progeny of someone who actually had a pair of cojones when it came to dealing with the mayor and the budget.

Parks funding is 1/3 of 1% of the City budget. Why have Vallone, Quinn and the rest of their City Council buddies allowed this to happen?


Anonymous said...

why is the park budget so ? because there is NO "CHECKS AND BALANCES" in a NYC government so slanted towards one party rule of DEMOCRAT/LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVES(49-50) VS.( 2-3 )Conservative/G.O.P./IND.

and a RINO MAYOR.....who breathes liberal policies each day.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 1: And because the Republicans make no real effort to elect anyone in this city. All they're interested in doing is cutting deals and keeping whatever it is that they have.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Bloomberg was a Democrat nearly all of his adult life. To become mayor in 2002 he switched parties and then left the Republican party in 2007. During the 6 years he was nominally a Republican, he pursued a personal agenda, not a Republican one. Even Democrats concede that. Calling Bloomberg a RINO is an insult to actual RINO's.

Anonymous said...

Don Pietro "junior" Vallone is confused about almost everything but the longtime family business...which amounts to political extortion.


Take great care that Don "Junior" DOES NOT become borough president.

Anonymous said...

Vallone's father was responsible for making the city council the centerpiece of the budget - and one of the reasons that the non-Manhattan civic and arts scene has plummeted in recent decades as the shadowy or marginal are elevated to hero status for what they the give your local councilman in photo ops or sing roles in the party chorus while the real talent out in the communities are ignored or trashed.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't our parks getting more money? I was walking in upper Alley Pond Park this weekend with my wife and dog.The trails could and should be really nice but they need to be maintained. Does anyone know how much money is allocated for this park.
The city needs to get it's priority in order.

Anonymous said...

Who was the guy asking him the question. It sounded as if he were baiting Peter and already knew the answer. That's horrible! Why would you try and bait a candidate when you already know the answer?

Queens Crapper said...

That's Al Centola. He asked him to explain why the City Council hasn't adequately funded parks all these years. I don't think he expected Vallone to say that they don't decide where the money goes.

Anonymous said...

how many millions of taxpayers earnings were spent by Doomsberg' PLANYC conversion of school playspace to phony parks,many trees in asphalt that died, many benches (who's pal had this concession?) ,phony GREEN patches of useless astro-turf, Gazebos, hoops over sewers and phony running tracks with sewers. destroyed ball fields FOREVER...

and he worries about teens getting fat on colas ?they need playspace to exercise, not benches and gazebos.

Planyc was ended because they went bankrupt.... or thousands of more playspaces would have disappeared.


Alfredo C said...

Ah but I did.

Anonymous said...

Al is a true Queens resident. Of when one cared about ones community. He makes no money from this ever. I can't believe one of the elected officials hasnt picked him up as a community liaison it would at least give a voice to us the people who voted them in.

We know Al would be honest and can't be purchased.


Hey Al maybe you really should run!!!!!!!!

Alfredo C said...

Thank you

Constituent liaison ?
Do they have that position? That wouldn't be a bad idea.

Run? Me? No thanks.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Vallone Jr. is never confused about the fees his firm gets lobbying for developers.

Anonymous said...

Do you have some kind of learning disability, bub?
Al says he's not running...capeesh...or you gonna keep on going on about it?

Anonymous said...

To "bub" why does my wanting Al to run scare ya such?

You ask if I haves"learning disability"? That's not very nice now is it?

I smell fear
I wonder why

Anonymous said...

The prospect of Al running doesn't scare me at all, bub.

I wouldn't mind Al representing me.
But we're talking REALITY here, fella.

Al doesn't have a chance of winning, so WHY continue beating a dead horse about it, my man?

Al is a great guy....BRAVO AL...doing what he's doing best where he is.

What have you got to offer besides repetitive boredom?

Write in whoever you want on your ballot and expect very little in return.

He's got a great chance of winning the election.
Sadly, Al Centola has not.

Anonymous said...

You've confirmed the existence of your cognitive deficiency...nice or not. YAWN...enough already.