Friday, April 12, 2013

7 train extension to NJ is DOA

From the Daily News:

The Bloomberg administration’s hope of extending the 7 train to New Jersey is dead on arrival.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority pulled the brakes on the proposal Wednesday hours after the city’s Economic Development Corporation released a report hyping the benefits of the cross-Hudson link.

“We don't see this as an economically viable idea,” said MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz, whose agency had promised earlier in the day to study the “interesting” idea.

The city study showed it is feasible to push the 7 line — which is currently being extended to the far West Side of Manhattan — to Secaucus, where it would link with other transit lines.

The city, not the MTA, is paying more than $2 billion to extend the 7 line from Times Square to the Hudson Yards — but the extension will have only one new station because of a lack of funding when it opens next year.


Anonymous said...

They can't even figure out how to get the 7 from Queensboro Plaza to Grand Central on weekends. How did they expect to get the 7 from Manhattan to Joisey?

Anonymous said...

For what purpose?

To raise property values in some bedroom community over there?

Screw that.

Anonymous said...

Leave Jersey out of NYs mess.

Anonymous said...

Now wonder Christine Quinn wants to have mayoral control over the MTA when she becomes mayor. She wants the ability to appoint the MTA head and its board. Sounds like Mike Bloomberg will be calling the shots when Chris becomes mayor. He'll get his fourth term thanks to Quinn.

Anonymous said...

7 line killed beautiful Flushing.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 5:

The 7 line has been running to Flushing since 1928. Are you saying that it shouldn't have been built? Do you think that whatever you think has happened wouldn't have happened without the subway there?

Anonymous said...

We should take care of what we have in NYC not elsewhere, especially NJ. In fact we should get out of the multi-state MTA - Port Authority stranglehold.

We do not have great service already - what geniuses want us to extend the line to nowhere's land?

Anonymous said...

Transit is blight. Open season on transit workers