Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Jamaica Cleanup Revolution Has Begun!

This is my latest Jamaica garbage music video: "WALL OF SHAME" a look back over the past year with the garbage problem and some of our elected officials who were too busy with "other things" to even address the problem, let alone come up with an action plan.


Also doing a little garbage experiment. There is a vacant lot next to my apartment at the corner of 170th St/90th Ave (169-23 90th Ave) which daily has some type of litter or garbage dumped onto the sidewalks surrounding it, people throwing cans/bottles inside the lot and now that is it Spring, weeds started to grow high on the outside and inside. This property is owned by slumlord scum, Jotirmoy Inc (Gouranga Kundu), no surprise here with the pattern in my hood. He lives in Woodside and has only been out 3 times in two years to take care of the property. In the meantime, every day I walk by I pick up the assorted garbage/litter, otherwise it would pile up like it was when I first moved here. Well for a few weeks, I am going to do nothing, which will be tough, to see what it will look like in a few weeks. Hopefully I will be wrong. I have attached a photo of DAY 1, April 23rd.

Also around the corner from me is a house located at 170-12 89th Ave that has had a mattress lying in the front yard for over a month, along with other assorted litter/garbage and nothing has been done about this. I even told a Sanitation officer about it last week when I saw him on that same block inspecting another nuisance vacant lot (89-19 89th Ave) owned by Zoria Construction in Richmond Hill, would you like to take a guess at the owner of that company. The Sleepy's Mattress house is owned by Monirol Ahmen, again no big surprise there. Back in 2006-2007 when the property was owned by, drum roll please, GOPE MONAJ, Department of Buildings attempted to gain access because of supposedly an illegal conversion in the basement, but failed on both attempts because they were not allowed access by the individuals there. This law is bullshit especially with our "diverse" population that likes to cram as many people as humanly possible into a space. Hey we are not in the motherland anymore!

Anyway enjoy the video which has commanded its own page on my blog:

Joe Moretti
Jamaica, NY 11432

"The Jamaica CleanUp Revolution Is Here"


georgetheatheist said...

We give it a 10, Dick. The music has a good beat and you can barf to it.

Anonymous said...

See what wonders Queens Crap can accomplish by airing complaints, that lazy crooked politicians cannot!

"Crappie" for city council!

Anonymous said...

Two thumbs up and a nomination for a golden trashy award.
Thinking of starting a bus tour of Jamaica...out of Towners would be amused...$5 a ticket...proceeds to help clean things up.
Thanks Joe!

Jerry Rotondi said...

Good job, Joe Moretti and company!

Keep on shaming those shady pols into action.

Thank you "Crappie", for posting this.

More power to the voters through Queens Crap!

Anonymous said...

"Oooh," the rest of Queens Civic leaders will say, "you are impolite and your funding will be cut."

FluShingRezident said...

Joe Moretti is a ROCK STAR!

Anonymous said...

Cleaning up is not the issues. Teaching the savages that live there how to behave properly is the bigger hill to climb.

Anonymous said...

Good job, but when it finally gets cleaned up, the "undesirables" will be pushed out by the hipsters, the developers and then the yuppies.

Jon Torodash said...

Joe Moretti has sunk his teeth into this issue, and shows no sign of letting up. If only more residents would just pick one local issue and pursue it with half his tenacity, something might get done.

Anon #3 - ain't it the truth.

Anon #4 - I disagree. It's a small hill to climb. If the city would start slapping people with citations/fines/summons and enforce the law routinely and quickly, I think you'll see people "learn" really fast where and how to dispose of trash.

Slumlord Scum said...

Hey Moretti. There's an old saying that you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar. You'd be more effective without your constant low-class vulgarities.

Joe Moretti said...

To Slumlord Scum:

That saying was back when we did not have an influx of low class slob immigrants, low class homegrown slobs and crooked politicians galore who don't give a shit.

So tell me how is your honey approach working on cleaning up the area or maybe you like living in filth for years. What, you are offended by what I say, I hit a nerve. Too fucking bad! Get over it.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the 3rd world trash that inhabits Jamaica can't be cleaned up as well.

Anonymous said...

We are thinking of visiting Jamaica and seeing all of the wonderful sights.
Our first time there so could you recommend some highlights? Any good restaurants, theaters, museums, antique shops, parks, etc?

Joe Moretti said...

Anonymous said...
We are thinking of visiting Jamaica and seeing all of the wonderful sights.
Our first time there so could you recommend some highlights? Any good restaurants, theaters, museums, antique shops, parks, etc?

Don't know if you are actually serious but here goes. No antique shops that I am aware of. The Rufus King Museum in Rufus Park on Jamaica Avenue and 160th is the only museum I know of. There are several landmark buildings on Jamaica Avenue including the former Lowe's Valencia Theatre, which is amazing and you could spend a good bit of time there. It is now the Tabernacle Church of Prayer, but you would have to call them to set up a tour. Relatively few good restaurants, but Sangria Tapas Bar & Restaurant (Portuguese/Spanish) on 94th St and Sutphin is great, as is Nu Urban Cafe on Linden Blvd & Farmers Blvd in the St. Albans section, which is actually a historic district, Rocotos, a Peruvian restaurant on Hillside and 178th, some Salvadorian restaurants on Jamaica Avenue between 150th and Sutphin and Margherita Pizza on Jamaica is one of the best pizza places in NYC. Been to all of them except the Salvadorian places. All are good. Not a whole lot here but you really have to look. Take a look at my blog for some things: or take a look at my reviews on Yelp:

Bin aroun' da block a coupla times said...

Joey-babes. You forgot to mention the wig stores and the elegant "lingerie boutiques". Yo,yo. Is Sneaker Pimp still dere?